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  1. i cant see the msata port speed.. I tried both Crystaldiskinfo and speccy.. But primary sata port is sata3.. so i will use my 120gb ssd and install the 1tb in the ultrabay..
  2. I will try to use it tomorrow.. Both speccy and crystal disk info.. I dont need to put a harddrive in to run a test right? Because right now its just a dvd drive.. but that should not change the resault right?
  3. If you have a tv that can use Intel WIDI i think its called then there should be some adapters on the marked you can use.. Aftermarked wireless hdmi doesnt work as they promise.. To many drops and stuff.. the few i have tried at least... But never tried WIDI.. I think the only good way right now is intel WIDI.. I have tried a few other types of wireless hdmi and they dont work as good as they should ( to many drops and stuff)
  4. Just got my new lenovo y510p and i really need an ssd in it.. It has 1 regular 2.5" hd bay, one msata bay and 1 ultra bay.. I got a 120gb samsung 830 ssd (from my old laptop) and the problem is that its too small so thats why i need that + the 1tb harddisk at the same time.. My question is, will the 1tb harddisk work slower in an ultrabay/sata dock that fits in insted of the dvd drive? (in other words, should i go and buy a msata ssd and use that so the 1tb hd can stay in its normal bay) or should i save some money and move my 1tb hd to the ultra bay and install my normal 2.5" ssd inside?? What would you do??
  5. Bios is locked so it wont allow you to change it unless you flash a modified bios to it.. But its doesnt look that hard.. I just got a y510p and first time im gonna try custom bios and its only as you other guys say because of the wifi card.. Its soooooooooooooooooooooo bad..
  6. Hi everyone Im pretty new in this type of things.. Modding bios and stuff. But i really wanna learn The reason im in here is because i just got a new lenovo y510p and know that the wifi card is locked.. I got some other stuff too like my HP laptop i use as my carpc.. I hope im welcome here
  7. Anybody know if this will work on the new y510p with the i7-4700QM?? Or does stuff like this only depend on the bios version? Im new at this custom bios flash so thats why im unsure..
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