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  1. rientrz

    Mixed DDR3 and DDR3L

    different timing perhaps or uncompatible with dual channel mode. it is better to use same brand ram for both slots, or even same series. single pack recommended like 2x4GB or 2x8GB. For y510p witch is haswell processor inside, intel recommends DDR3L use.
  2. rientrz

    y510p LCD Overclock

    have LG LP156WF1-TLC2, glossy panel on y510p. would test it sometime and post the result here.
  3. rientrz

    about Y510p ssd slot

    mine too, but mine come with 1TB HDD without SSD, or SSHD. thinking of own soldering but can't get any parts here in Indonesia, both the connector or mSATA M.2 SSD
  4. rientrz

    Lenovo Y510p SLI crash

    nvidia driver issues perhaps, rollback or wait for an update of the driver or the game. i haven't experience it lately, old issues with nvidia 320 driver, experience it everytime.
  5. rientrz

    Re-pasting y510p

    Deepcool Z5, generic thermal paste 5 degrees of celcius reduction. i'm thinking of arctic mx-2 or mx-4 for next repasting. well, opening your laptop voiding your warranty, do this if you sure enough. opening y510p quite different from another laptop, a bit confusing first time but i get used now. remove the screws from back cover and take it off, loose another screws behind. then take the keyboard off. flip your laptop and take off its inner back cover, you should see the heatsink behind it.
  6. rientrz

    lenovo y510p and gt 755m

    3.) you can disable it in bios if using modded bios for y510p without taking it off, BUT it would be still a drain on your power. no need to reinstall driver if you changing configuration from without sli to sli or vice versa, driver installed only once on first use, better to use integrated graphics first then sli to make sure the drivers are installed correctly.
  7. rientrz

    Fan Mod Guide and Performance results.

    i think this would damage the fan itself faster. better solution is using software ideafan, or you can buy cooling pad and overvolt the cooling pad. pc case fan also worth to try if you have 12V supply, they give more airflow than cooling pad.
  8. rientrz

    Questions about the Lenovo Y510P's GPU & other things.

    yes, you can do hackintosh in y510p using niresh maverick. although you can only bring the intel graphics not nvidia because uncompatible nvidia optimus. you can't take the sli too. i had tried hackintosh in my y510p and currently it can't be stable, and still needed many patches for. but, it is worth to try if you wanted to
  9. rientrz

    IdeaFan for y510p y500 G500 Y580 y410p

    great! thanks, although it's not as good as real fan control but still it helps control my y510p heat. best alternative solution
  10. rientrz

    Hate my Y510p

    i have this (y510p) too, and i have to admit this laptop bios and wifi was sucks. although the performance was superb. maybe you should look at MSI or Gigabyte laptops, those brands offer better interchangeability for their gaming laptop line.

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