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  1. So currently i have a Y500 with the i53230m processor. Would it be worth while to upgrade my processor to an ivy i7 or simply wait and get a new laptop? From a specifications most of the i7's are about twice as fast as the i5 counterpart. With that being said would the modified bios ( from the forum ) support the new ivy i7?
  2. Oh wow, so if we can get that secondary connector soldered in... OH the possibilities! *mad scientist grin* muahahahah
  3. For me when gaming i HAVE to have my mouses side buttons. Mainly for throwing grenades / melee use. I have used all kind of Razor mouses / Logitech / and other off brand mouses to find the ones i love. After all the research its clear Logitech has out done themselves with the g700 series. Absolutely love this thing!
  4. Im kind of in the middle. I love the matte look ( no reflections ), but at the same time i kind of like the glossy screens as it can be used in almost any lighting environment.
  5. It does say on the Dells page / service manual that it only supports 8gb. However on several forums ( including dells ) there are users saying that it supports 16gb. As for finding out 100% support 16gb, its going to be rather difficult seen how everything on dells site contradicts itself.
  6. Both the Clevo P150SM and P157SM would be a great fit as Khenglish stated. With that being said, if applicable i would jump up to at least a 16inch as they seem to stay a bit cooler. If its going to be a stationary laptop, just get a cooler and go for it
  7. I am currently running the 840 Samsung Pro. Absolutely love it. As for reliability, i have had it for over 3 months now without any problems at all. (I know that's not really preaching much on longevity )
  8. I currently use corsairs sp120's as they are rather quiet. I was impressed with them quiet a bit.
  9. Hi everyone! I cant wait to start modding with content from this forum!
  10. i hate to bump an old thread, but i too am faced with the same issue. In Evga Precision you could turn on kboost, but i think that only applies to the primary card. Perhaps you can user the nvidia tuner app and force boost for stability? Then just use a .bat to lower the clocks when only using 2D stuff? Ill try this when i get home, and post with results!
  11. I had an Accelero on an old GTX260, and WOW the difference... I overclocked the crud out of it! I eventually just ran out of voltage to overclock with.
  12. I love my ssd, it made the laptop at least twice as fast in my opinion!
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