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  1. nkjmin

    the new Y50/40

    Interestingly they did release the QHD Models. So that is nice. Not that it would be worth it XD
  2. Both cards are really good cards and will do you justice in games. But in my personal opinion i would opt for the AC card since it does hold newer tech. With it you should get better signal from AC router due to the beam focusing. Once again it would be a preference since what would now bottle neck your internet speed would be your network instead of that horrible 2230 wifi.
  3. Thanks. I think i might just end up buying a docking station. Kinda minimize the clutter on my desk. Gotta wait for my next paycheck haha According to the chipset it should be able to. I wonder if there is anything in the bios that limits it.
  4. nkjmin


    I believe that it would be on the same chip. When i changed my to my intel 7260ac i had to install new drivers so i will assume that they are on the same chip.
  5. Has anyone been able to get 3 screens working at once. With the vga+ Hdmi + internal. I'm pretty sure that the Nvidia 650M Should be able to handle the load... The help would be appreciated =D - - - Updated - - - I have been Debating on buying a usb 3.0 dock/replicator to emulate the process, but i hear it mostly CPU based doesn't load the GPU that much.
  6. In regards with the i'm pretty sure that the y500 and y510p dimensions are the same, but between y400 and y500, the y500 will be slightly larger. So i doubt they will have a good fit. it might be possible to take the face plate off and use that on a difference aftermarket caddy.
  7. In a previous post, I posted that ebay has something for the y400, and i believe the ultrabay for the y400 and y410p are going to be the same. ---------> Here <---------- Sadly they dont have it for the y500/y510p
  8. Hello! So i personally thought that the upgrade-ability of the MBP line ended with the 2012 MBP (non retina) but after doing some research i found that you are able to upgrade the Solid State drive on the Late 2012 early 2013 Macbook Pro with retina display. Unfortunately on the newer (late 2013) the SSD is literally part of the motherboard along with the RAM, there is really no upgrading there. So if you have the Previous generation retina you are in luck. As of right now the only place where you can get the SSD would be from OWC ------> HERE <-------- Depending on whether you have the 13in, 15in. Here are the videos that were provided from OWC. They are pretty straight forward. 13in MBPr 15in MBPr Ref: How to Upgrade Retina MacBook Pro SSD Storage (13-Inch) @ EveryMac.com MacBook Pro 13" Retina Display Early 2013 SSD Replacement - iFixit MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display Early 2013 SSD Replacement - iFixit OWC SSD (Flash) Drives for Apple MacBook Pro Retina 2012 Late 2013 MacBook Pro SSD upgradable? - MacRumors Forums
  9. Hello! If you have a macbook pro before the retina displays came around you are able to do some interesting upgrades with them. Personally one of the biggest difference for a performance upgrade (on a day to day basis) is a SSD upgrade. Most of your tasks are going memory dependent (as in accessing your hard drive not RAM) so having a slow 5400rpm Harddrive is going to slow down your machine, Changing that to a Sold State really boosts the speed of your rig, from Booting to loading programs and such. So upgrade that SSD now to the HDD Caddy, One of the neat things about having the optical bay available in a laptop is that you are able to take them out and replace them with a HDD. In this case you will need a caddy that is able to mount on to the body of the Macbook pro. OWC was able to create said mount, (and i am sure there are other aftermarket products that would work perfectly fine) You are able to purchase the product ------------>here. <----------- look its a picture too =D Ref: Injected some new life into my 2009 MBP - MacRumors Forums
  10. Gotta agree with you. For personal use i dont see to much of a problem, web browsing and such, but on a larger scale working with confused lemmings is not something to look forward to. I still have to say windows 7 was the most stable and is still the norm in most cases.
  11. Tis' True, but you can always bring it down to a lower res. In my opinion i think that the slimmer profile is something to look forward to. I wonder when they are going to come out with 4k Movies... =] that would be pretty awesome for this laptop. the underbelly base feature sounds pretty awesome too! =D
  12. So far i dont mind windows 8..or rather 8.1. in 8.1 they got the startmenu back which was pretty nice. =] Also to make things look a bit more nerdy i add a few skins with Rainmeter. You should check it out it has soon CPU temps and other things. You can add some GPU graphs, clock speeds, and temp using Afterburner.
  13. nkjmin

    Y500 WiFi Card

    I say go for the intel 7260ac wireless card. =] getting the AC is better Future proofing. I am using it currently and it is working like a charm. I was able to connect my PS3 Controller to it too, though it was a little difficult. It has great ranged and when benchmarked with the previous card inside you will notice huge different in speeds (depending on your internet speed and router) For me i was able to obtain almost an 75% increase on my university network.
  14. Bummer, i got lucky and found one that came with the same plate. Are you using a y500 or y400?
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