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  1. @J95 I'm wondering what the benefit of the modded drivers are? I've read the first few pages and can't seem to get it in my head. Also, I have an AORUS X5V6 with GTX 1070 - if I provided the files would you be able to mod the driver? Thanks man.
  2. Can anyone make this tutorial even more simple for a layman like me? I'm due an upgrade on my GT72 (4720HQ) soon so happy to take a punt with this. Cheers.
  3. Hey Prema, do we have any update on this. I have just tried to install 361.91 on my GT72 and it won't complete the install so I have to roll back to a pre 360 driver. Has nvidia fixed the new driver for older vbioses?
  4. Hi knowledgeable people, I have recently bought a GT72 2QE with 8GB RAM. I want to upgrade the RAM to 16GB HyperX Impact but the 8GB installed is under the keyboard. I've watched a few tear down vids on youtube but they strip the GT72 to many pieces. Can anyone give straightforward instructions on what I need to remove purely to do this RAM replacement? TIA.
  5. Hi Prema et al, I'm selling my w350stq, I need to remove the bios mod prior to selling. Where do I get a non modded bios and then do I follow the normal steps to reflash? TIA
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