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  1. wetto

    [BIOS/vBIOS - MODS] Prema Mod™ & Stock

    As I've said before, here's the donation ID: 2E8938663E6818112 Thank you Prema and keep up the good work!
  2. wetto

    [BIOS/vBIOS - MODS] Prema Mod™ & Stock

    Thank you very much Prema! It works and now my i7 3920XM is having similar performance to my i5 3550 when it comes to emulators! Thank you, thank you! I'll try to donate some value soon to help you continue your work!
  3. wetto

    [BIOS/vBIOS - MODS] Prema Mod™ & Stock

    Before going to the question, I'd like to thank Prema for all the work he's done so far and for being able to reply everyone for these years. I'm also the starter of a huge thread on a Brazilian Portuguese forum and I know how much time I spent researching and replying everyone. But anyways, I have a Clevo P150EM laptop, which had an i5 3210M CPU when I bought it and when I first did the Prema Mod, about 5 months ago. I always thought the lack of options on the BIOS was due to the i5 3210M CPU, but now I replaced it for an i7 3920XM and I'd really like to deactivate Hyperthreading so I can have better performance at PS2 and Nintendo Wii emulators (kinda sad to see that my Desktop's i5 3550 performs a lot better than the i7 3920XM), but unfortunately there is no such option. The BIOS looks just about the same as it did when I first modded it. So, to enable options such as turning off hyper-threading and almost everything you mention on the first page, what do I need to do? My current BIOS is the P150EM_17_11_PM_v2_K2, my GPU is an AMD HD 8970M.

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