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  1. I managed to flash it back blindfolded. sorry to made you worry I think the problem was with 3D LCD or 3D bios or neither of them.
  2. now I completely messed with my laptop and change options in csm and the notebook does not bood at all. it beeps every 30 sec and hangs. I removed the bios battery to reset the bios but nothing happened. any suggestion?
  3. hi, I just flash my 770m sli on clevo p570wm3 and I lost my internal LCD. thanks god the DVI port still working. is there anything I should have done before or after flashing? or something else went wrong? infact it is not working in EFI mode in when csm is enabled it is ok.
  4. hi Prema, I already made post about converting Clevo P570WM to P570WM3 3D version. I would be thankful if you add it here ( after the moderator checked my post)
  5. Hi, If you purchased your notebook with 120hz LCD then you have a good chance to convert it to 3D model. all you need is an internal 3D emitter, wires with connectors and 3D glasses. however even your LCD is not 120hz you can always replace it with 120hz LCD. The 120hz LCD used in CLevo P570WM3 is LG Display LP173WF2 / LGD02C5. 3D emitter : I used Asus Part NO. 04G230081001 , you can choose whichever brand you want as long as they are Nvidia and starts with 942-10863-0000-xxxx 3D glasses : nvidia 3d glasses v1 or v2, I got v2 from ebay (just the glasses not the whole kit) 3D emitter cable : the part number for dell cabe is DC020017100 which can be purchase from Ebay , if you got lucky you can find 3D emitter with the cable, but it required good search skill Main board side cable : Micro JST 1.25mm 5-Pin Then you should connect the 3D emitter cable to Micro JST connector on the MB side which you can find the pinout in the images below. and flash the system Bios with 3D version which can be find on Premamod site, thanks to Prema. At the end you should thank Prema. 3D emitter : 3D emitter cable: Main board side cable: Mainboard header: wiring : Results:
  6. They couldn't use an eeprom or something to store the LED colors? so it wasn't necessary to update colors every time windows boots.
  7. Hi, I use 770m SLI on my clevo p570WM3. can I use the files mentioned in the first post? and how can I flash both of my vga cards?
  8. I think w230 has only one color of leds.
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