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  1. I have a few questions, sorry if this is not the right sub forum for this. anyone know of any decent wireless usb adapters (usb from computer to wireless to usb female)? Anyone know if the Tronsmart T1000 would work for streaming display to a oculus rift or any other display, if not any other suggestions for under $50? Thanks
  2. That doesn't sound good. You could make sure that all connectors are connected, esp. the power system (jack, adapter, battery, etc) If everything's good as far as connections, you may end up needing a new laptop or motherboard. One encouraging thing though is that one time when I tried to kill a clunker laptop, I was able to connect and reconnect the display cable while it was running and it still worked.
  3. Does it work with the cable connected? It does not sound good if it doesn't. You may try double checking the connections in the machine, mainly the power system.
  4. angerthosenear: how would an all black color scheme be? If so I found one for you for $115 its an asrock Z87 Extreme3. Another is a $122 GIGABYTE GA-Z87MX-D3H. A third option would be a $163 ASUS GRYPHON Z87
  5. I generaly use a large and heavy case to transport my gaming laptop, it has enough room for my computer and cooler in the laptop spot. The is a side strap that I squeeze my mouse into. My power adapter/ headphones/etc. go in the outer pouch.
  6. I did this to my p150em se wasn't hard, a couple of screws on the hard drive bay and the optical drive screw to get it out. I had to remove the insulating plastic on the hdd. On the caddy, which I got from amazon for under $15 I had to screw a couple of screws (4 included) to the drive then transfer face plate and pop it in. To still be able to use the ODD for my legacy games and windows instalation I had bough a slimline sata to usb adapter for under 15. It took about 15-30 minutes at the most.
  7. I would recommend getting a high quality pc (such as a malibal (google them), clevo/sager, MSI, or gigabyte or another major brand. for under 1250 (with cash discount) you can get a malibal with an i7 4700mq, 8gb ram, gtx 765m or for 95 more a 770m, 500gb 7200rpm drive (105 more for a 120gb ssd) I, myself would just add my own ssd and get a converter for the odd to use externally windows 8 (15 more for 7 home premium). It has a 15.6 inch 1080p display.
  8. I would say check for an air gap if so seal it with duct tape (caution may void warranty . I would also check to make sure that the heatsink(s) is/ are making contact. I would also try (carfuly) testing the fan externaly by giving it the required usually 5v for laptops) voltage and amperage, carefully avoiding shorts. if it doesn't work properly I would try to find a replacement.
  9. What is your budget? if 1k I would say one option is a y510p with 750m SLI, not exactly 2x 750m performance but I would guess around gtx 770m. It also has an i7 4700mq and has a 1tb with an 8gb ssd cache hybrid drive. The screen is a 15.6 inch 1920x1080 screen. it has 8gb ram and a backlit full keyboard with number pad for $999.99. There is a cheaper option with the same except an I5 4200m and 6gb ram for $879.99 And a more expensive version with the same as the 1st but 16gb ram. If I were to get one of these three I would get the 1K one and upgrade the ram later if needed. I might even, if I had the money throw in my own ssd and use The HDD externally.
  10. Do you want an ultrabook or a conventional laptop. An ultrabook, as I'm sure you know is lighter thiner and easier to cary and transport at the price of lower (compaired to a laptop) perfomance. Although performance is 99%of the time good for most peoples needs. VM's can however take alot of resources. One feature you may want is intel Vpro (3720qm/4800mq or above. VTx and VTd may also be useful.
  11. I would have to say Malibal is a good brand, That's where I got my p150em (lotus p150em se), (I know a year old). But I had gotten a 675mx, i7 3630qm and 8gb ram with 500gb 7200rpm drive for 1400-1500. Their real value is in their tech support though. Had a squeaking power adapter, On hold for under 10 minutes, got a replacement within a week. PS. what is your budget?
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