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  1. Hello fellow Lenovo owners, I've started at tech thread over at the Lenovo forums, to ask them for a bios update to solve the TOLUD problem. Atm. i'm running the latest bios (2.59), and unfortunately my PCI bus memory adress says: DFA00000 - > TOLUD 3,5 GB = no room for eGPU with 4GB+ RAM. I've tried to override DSDT aswell (Windows 7, 64 bit), but it all turns out to BSOD's at boot. I've stumbled across another thread on lenovo forums, which gained the right attention for the Lenovo staff to update the bios's on the X230 and T230 models: http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/X-Series-ThinkPad-Laptops/X230-expresscard-adressing-eGPU/td-p/792909 Therefore I hope it will be possible, for the T430/T530/W530 owners to receive the same solution. But for that I need the Lenovo staffs attention, ad therefore, your help. head over to my thread at: T430 expresscard adressing (eGPU) - Lenovo Community and leave a comment, if you would like to see a solution in the future. Hopefully in the end, it will be something the bios tech guys pay attention to, in the future bios designs. Thanks in advance - Aatind (Denmark)
  2. Slv7 I'm told you're the guy for the job. how many beers dó you want for a couple of vbios's? I'm mostly interested in vbios's covering the lowest to the highest voltage (?v - 1.075v) Would really be appreciated. I Can make the beer's donation in forehand if you send me a link? Cheers /aatind
  3. Is it possible to have the Vbios pack translated to a Clevo P series (with Enduro). I would be happy to test the settings on my rig (P150em), to confirm that they're stable. I've tryed to use AtiWinflash to extract the vbios, which seems to work. You can find the stock Clevo P150EM.rom file here (which I extracted directly from the system): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0dm65y484rch23y/DB-9W-UV54 Thanks in advance! /aatind
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