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  1. I just performed the flash on a y410p 1.07, worked perfectly. The hardest part was installing the 7260, as the case was giving me problems and wouldn't come off. When I was going in I was thinking that I would be like a brain surgeon, get in get out minimal damage, and almost immediately I realized that was not possible. I had to go in like a bull in a china shop and pray that the shop wouldn't burn down. Thanks for everyones help on these forums, really great source of knowledge, I wish I could offer you free cookies. But their mine... sorry.
  2. I'm concerned about this as well, if anyone knows how bandwidth serving works, it would be nice to get an answer. How does a router know which connection to prioritize? Also, is there any impact in throughput between having one device paired with it, or having a network full of devices that are idle on data usage.
  3. Apparently the dualband ac 7260 is the ideal wireless card for upgrading a y series laptop. I was actually glad to find out how many people are flashing their bios to run a 7260, because I would rather not have to research price and performance of a number of different cards, and on top of it, now its not risky to do since so many people have confirmed that the 7260 causes no issues.
  4. I like using vsync on every game I play, my eyes bug out when the screen tears. Also, I don't want to be pushing my gpu that hard so allowing vsync to cap it at 60 is very nice. Overall I just want a stable framerate, I can't stand when fps drops from like 180 fps to 100 when there is a lot of action on screen, usually you will notice a huge fps drop. Also, our eyes can't really tell much of a difference between 60 and 180, however when you drop frames it can become noticeable.
  5. AjBlue

    Witcher 3

    I'm pretty sure every PC gamer that saw this trailor all said (wow this games graphics are amazing, how is my pc going to run that) Even if you can max out Witcher 2 at 60 fps I'm sure you are a little concerned that you won't be able to max out witcher 3 at the desired framerate. I love how their games aren't afraid to be realistic. Its crazy how games are so afraid to have nudity in games, when movies and tv shows with nudity aren't even worried about. So many games are afraid to be in the old media news, when I think more games should use the "bad publicity" like gta did, and use it to build an empire.
  6. I have the y410p and I'm just trying to understand if it will be possible to upgrade the GPU in 4-5 years. When I tried to look for purchase options, I couldn't find anyone selling mobile GPUs. Are every GPU connector so different that you wouldn't be able to fit a 755m into a 750m? Are graphics card manufacturers holding a monopoly on laptop GPUs, and justifying it by saying that laptops are much harder to open and upgrade. I don't understand why lenovo made the Y series is so ridiculously easy to replace parts, yet they decided to whitelist wifi adapters. The ACdualband 7260 is so cheap only 30$, I don't understand why they don't come packaged into base models, especially since in bulk the price is probably 10$. The only possible reason is if lenovo bought in bulk like 100,000+ of the 2230, or that intel knew the 2230 were problematic and offered lenovo a firesale of like 50 cents per adapter. Then you have the weird product issues of them not providing a matte screen despite advertising a matte screen, and then all of a sudden not providing the y410p/y510p models with dual gpu sli ultrabay upgrade. Then to top it all off, you have the weird sales practice where Lenovo says that all of their products are on sale for hundreds of dollars cheaper than the real price. I'm actually kind of mystified that somehow, there was an designer in Lenovo that made the new y series into a great form factor, and that it is actually one of cheaper gaming laptops on the market. I am thoroughly enjoying my purchase however Lenovo will not be seeing any more business out of me, as their support isn't even good enough to make customers happy, as I've seen numerous screenshots of supports who don't understand anything about the product and are clearly reading a script and can't actually help people. Does anyone think my concerns of lenovo not being a reliable company is justified?
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