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  1. I dumped my insyde bios using the fptw64.exe tool, but my ME region is locked. Is there a link which teaches how to unlock the ME region for reading and writing by the host system? Also, how would I read the variables in my BIOS region, obtained through this dump? I wanted to enable VT-x and VT-d, on Acer Aspire V3-772G, hence the question. But this discussion would help anyone trying to enable this on their respective laptops (I hope).
  2. Hey, I'm Shank from USA. Lots of hardcore modding going on here, was introduced by a friend and decided to stick on
  3. What about the Lenovo models for workstations? Almost every company owns those, and seems to be a well supported laptop. Like the T430, W5xx, etc? I'm not an expert and just fishing for opinions here.
  4. Vegetto

    no acer love in here

    The fact that Acer doesn't allow VT-x and VT-d on any of the new laptops suck. It's actually true of any major laptop maker. Why is this pathetic trend being adopted, I wonder.
  5. Vegetto

    Acer Aspire V3-772g with GT750m Advanced Bios mod request

    Ah.. I've been trolling the web for the same thing. There are several modded BIOS available, but none of them are getting flashed. If anyone knows why, please let us know!

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