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  1. It won't bite me but I would have to buy it and I used all my money to get the computer I can have Win 7 pro for free from my job so I guess I'll stick with and see if it works good.
  2. I guess these are normal temperatures for a laptop.
  3. I don't usually play this kind of games but heard good things about it. So I bought it with the Humble Bundle and I really loved the game. The music ans sound effects create a very special atmosphere and you really feel totally lost in space. And I liked the texts describing each zone, it made me get some "paper role playing game feelings", like you must imagine the scene just with the description. I got to the last zone in normal but still could not beat it (I have not played it for a while because I have many other games to play)
  4. You can also play GRID 2 with 2 players split screen. There are games like Rayman Legends where you can play up to 4 players on the same screen too. Trials Evolution: Gold Edition can be played up to 4 players locally too and is really great ! But I dont know of 4 players split screen games.
  5. I read that DICE stopped developpement of next DLCs to get more employees working on bug correction. Let's hope it's true
  6. yes, if your CPU is at 99°C and it blows cold air then there must be a problem between the heat sink and the CPU.
  7. Hello, is there any mod to get the fan quiter on the W230ST ? Thank you.
  8. Hello Prema. I ordered this computer too and I read the fan is quite noisy. Does your modded bios improvethis and make it quiter ? Other question: is it really better to use Windows 8 instead of 7 to get better power management features or things like optimus ? Thank you.
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