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  1. Well, I mean I need to unlock the BIOS to get more options, like speed step, C1 state or something like that, so that I can get full control of the power management...
  2. Hi, I met a problem of the CPU frequency of Toshiba P75. The CPU always runs at the max frequency, and this caused high bettary consumption and overheating. I believe the C1E option is OFF by default. But the offical BIOS is locked without any advanced power options. I searched and tried to find out how to edit Insyde BIOS, but I found the tutorial is too difficult for me to understand... So I wounder if any1 can unlock the bios menu for me? The offical BIOS link is Drivers & Software Support | Toshiba Thank you!
  3. @svl7 I want to reproduce the BIOS you made on some Chinese Computer Forum to benefit others(I come from China). I will definitely clarify the copyright of this BIOS. So I'd like to ask you whether you agree with my plan. If you do not think this is a good idea, I will never do this.
  4. Report a bug: when I am running 3dMark06(overlock), it cant read the model of my graphic card, but the result turned out that the graphic score is very high, but the cpu score is very low, only 42xx(I tested two times.). But when I am running 3dMark11(overlock), the cpu score is alright, and the cpu score of windows experience index is also proper. maybe that's just a bug of 3dmark06...
  5. I have run the 3dmark 11, and I think I get a good score. GT555M i7 2760QM 8G 1600 Crucial M4 128G ssd gets a score of P1965! Here is the link: NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-2760QM Processor,Alienware M14xR1 score: P1965 3DMarks I think the BIOS works perfectly, and I cant find any bugs till now.
  6. Succeed!!! My ssd now is running at the SATA3 speed, and the GT555M is running correctly!!! Thank you very very much!!!:tennis: I will then do some stability test and run 3dmark to see if there are some bugs. Many thanks again for your help!
  7. OK, I am reinstalling the driver now. - - - Updated - - - I've loaded the defaults in the BIOS and reinstalled the drive, but the GT555M still cant work. I think the issue is caused by the BIOS. EDIT: The same error code 43 in device Manager
  8. Thanks for your response! I try the M14xR1_A08_sata3_test. But the unfortunately, the result is the same as the previos A05_GF116 fix BIOS. The ssd can work at the speed of SATA3, but the graphic card cannot work correctly... It's very tricky... Did you edit the VBIOS of A08 in the A08_sata3_test BIOS, or just use the default the VBIOS of A08 BIOS?
  9. Thank you very much! But I am afraid that the bios doesnt work correctly, the ssd works fine now but the GPU still doesnt work. the same problem as directly using A05 BIOS. Maybe I can first flash the A05 BIOS, and then use some tools like NVflash to flash the VBIOS seperately?
  10. @svl7 Thank you very much!!! Then could you please put the GF116 vbios in BIOS A05? I really want to get the full speed of my ssd with graphic card running correctly. And if it is not difficult could please also increase the voltage of GT555M for me? Many thanks in advance!!!
  11. @svl7 Could you please extract the vbios of m14x a08 bios for me?
  12. The GPU of my m14x is 3G GT555M(GF116). I learnt that I can only use A08 bios, because only the A08 bios have the right vbios for the GPU. But the problem is that A08 limits SATA2 , so I cant get the full speed of my sata3 ssd. Can I extract the vbios of A08 main bios, and then flash to the A05 bios, and then use tools like NVflash to flash the vbios of A08 to make the GT555M run correctly? Could anyone please tell me whether this plan can be realized? And I am not very familiar with bios and I dont know how to extract vbios from the main bios, could please anyone extract the vbios of the A08 bios? Many thanks in advance. PS: I am a foreigner, and if there are some errors in grammar, please just forgive me.
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