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  1. Hi guys, New here and i need your help I have an MSI GE60 laptop and im a big fan of it, my issue is that the Wireless card an Intel Centrino 135 is Pitiful to say the least for my needs (i work with 5ghz alot) so i need to upgrade the card my friend recommended an Intel Centrino 2605 it seem good and offers great speed. but i soon as i swap the card and install the drivers im hit by some sort of software lock which don't let me use it (apparently Intel don;t like you swapping out the cards" so my question is there a way i can get this working because i would hate to lose this laptop due to a small issue like this a program i can run, some code i could run anything would be a great help! I seem to get the issue saying that [h=1]Wireless Hardware is not bound to transport driver (can anyone elaborate)? [/h] Thanks!
  2. I've always liked roccat mice, they usually arent quite as expensive especially as the kova [+] is $40
  3. capricorn397

    Y500 Bluetooth

    Remember if you are wanting to replace the wifi card you need to install the modded bios for the laptop :L http://forum.techinferno.com/lenovo-ibm/2874-lenovo-y400-y500-unlocked-bios-wlan-whitelist-mod.html
  4. Yeah unfortunately it isnt possible with the y500
  5. There may be some touching metal inside the case probably better sending it back to lenovo
  6. I have always liked the arctic silver paste
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