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  1. I will purchase one I dont have any now same time I will purchase the GPU :-) The point is to prepare it well to be sure it will work. You are right first point is to check if I have an available mPCIe slot.
  2. Thank you yes I think I have a mPCIe (I have wifi on). Does it mean to remove the wifi card by an other one to manage eGPU ? Aso Is that requires some software to be installed in addition of the graphic card drivers or did ti work by itself ?
  3. My cpu is an intel core i7 2620 I don't have a ExpressCard slot. I think that my discrete graphic card is a intel HD3000 in the CPU.
  4. Thank you; I checked my mother board is from Sony Bios: INSYDE and Chipset HM67. My external graphic card is an ATI Radeon 6650M. Sorry to ask but 660ti is that about the motherboard type or graphic card type ?
  5. Thank Bjorm I have a Sony Vaio VPCZ217GH i7 2620M intel HD3000 8Gb. This is a model of 2012. Thank also I have found some additional information in this post
  6. Excelent video !!! I'm wondering about the next steps to setup the PE4L-PM060A. I have a Vaio VPCZ217GH and I wonder if I can do eGPU with too. - - - Updated - - - I tried the link :- HWtools's PE4L-PM060A it seems not be working any longer is this device ok : PE4L V2.1b + PE4L-PM060A ( PM3N +60cm Cable ), No SWEX, GEN.2 PCI-E Slot Adapter ? - - - Updated - - - For the bottom plate; is this one ok for a VPCZ217GH ? http://www.sparepartswarehouse.com/Sony,Laptop,Part,X25809363.aspx ? : X-2580-936-3 - Sony Laptop Miscellaneous Parts
  7. Hi I'm new here and looking forward to know if my mother board is supporting eGPU. I'm very interested in and get a bit lost. Maybe because I discover the site
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