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  1. I would greatly appreciate some help or hint in solving my problem. My SSD does not appear in the list of devices bios. But there SSD in the Device Manager windows and functioning correctly. In Lenovo said that the problem in SSD - but SSD running on other computers and I am sure that the problem is in the BIOS
  2. Hello I spoke with the problem in Lenovo, they refused to help me referring to hardware incompatibility.
  3. Hello. sorry for my English - I use the translator. I have a problem with y510p. And in the course of the experiments, I came to the conclusion that the problem is in the BIOS. When I replaced my hdd by ssd crucial_M4 he does not appear in the list of devices in the BIOS. However, when you boot from the ssd cache 24G (on which I installed 8) crucial_M4 available in Windows Explorer and in disk management. I tried to change all the settings in the BIOS but crucial ssd and has not appeared in the list. On other computers crucial_M4_ssd is displayed in the BIOS. You can record crucial to the white list. Thank you.
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