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  1. I ordered this one: Micro Sata Msata Mini PCI E Mpcie Connector FOR DIY Soldering ADD ON SSD H4 | eBay I didn't try to solder it in yet, I will post results when I give it a shot.
  2. So.... Was anyone brave enough to solder the 2nd msata connector themselves? I ordered one from ebay for $2 and change, I'll give it a shot when it arrives. I'm surprised there is little to no information regarding this potential second msata connection.
  3. I like my Alienware TactX headset, but only cause I got it on sale.
  4. ryar

    Y500 Bluetooth

    I find bluetooth and wifi won't work upon booting the computer after it was off; it always works after a restart. It never works after sleep. I wonder if it is the POS 2230. Did anyone try another adapter that works as it should?
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