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  1. I think i found some goodddd... can you check this? software.intel.com/en-us/forums/topic/303998 software.intel.com/en-us/articles/custom-resolutions-on-intel-graphics communities.intel.com/thread/43713
  2. I Have a Clevo P150EM + AMD 7970m and a LCD MATE, can i use a program to OC LCD 90H?? Its safe? i Try the guid, but dident work on w8.1
  3. Some people tell me YOU are the RIGHT person to hellp me Can i have 5m of your attention my friend? I Just like to make a SAFE overclock on my clevo p150 amd 7970m i dont know how to flash vbios and whats the right one for me!! I Just play 2h with 950 - 1400 bf4 overclock afterburn and no black screen os BSO.. so its ok right? but my tems go from 65º now to 80º this temps are ok? I Like to have your opinion and your hellp if i can.. because i work so hard to buy this nice computer and if i broke, no money to buy another one! here the salary is to low on my country! BIG TKS IN ADVANCE..
  4. Hi all, I work very hard to buy my Clevo p150em + amd 7970m (1 time i have a monster computer ) i read your posts about change the amd 7970 clock and voltage.. and i like to know if works good and about the temps too?? BSO appear because bug overclocks?? PS: Sorry if i upset some one and sorry for my English too!
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