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  1. Hello. I am trying to disable the on board GT650m and run only the Ultrabay GT650m in my Y500. Reasoning being I have been playing Fortnite which will not run SLI. I get decent performance by overclocking the on board GPU slightly but worry about the heat as that GPU shares a cooling system with the CPU. If I could run only the Ultrabay GPU I would feel much safer overclocking more. Using Insydeh20 for a BIOS and Nvidia Inspector. I have messed with a few settings in the BIOS then used 3DMark to see if I actually managed to accomplish my goal by seeing if the Ultrabay card gets warm but have failed so far. I will admit I'm not a very software smart person, I don't know what a lot of the things in the BIOS mean. Could you take a look at these options and help me decide what to enable or disable? Thanks. I disabled "internal graphics device" cause that seemed obvious Then I feel like on this screen I should change something...but I'm not sure what
  2. Bios flash went good. Doing my vbios though, nvflash can't seem to do it. I get an error saying that the EEPROM is locked and cant be modified. Help with that?
  3. I'm not really sure how to use these files and information. I flashed my bios using svl7's guide, so now what? I see some files but no instructions on how to use them. EDIT: I guess what I'm really asking is which file is which, the names arent very clear at least to me. Which file is the oc for the onboard and which is for the ultrabay card? EDIT2: I tried the ECO bios and vbios. After installing them and looking in nvidia inspector, my ultrabay card was showing the have a gpu clock of 1000, but the onboard card was at like 835(can't remember now). Whats up with that? I went back to the factory bios and vbios for now.
  4. Yeah I was stupid. I ran it from the cmd and got it.
  5. I cant seem to create my backup. With the dos and 64 version when I click the backup.bat it opens a window and closes so fast I can't even see what it says. If I try to use the provided command line (-d BackupBiosY500.bin -bios) I get error 'Error 200: Invalid parameter value specified by user. Use -? option to see help." I cannot launch the DOS application, windows alerts me saying "this application can not run on your system" Am I just stupid and doing it wrong? haha.
  6. Hello. I'm Matthew, just bought me a refurbished Y500 with the 650m SLI option. This thing is AWESOME! Playing BF4 like a champ. Looking at the bios mods to get a little more from this puppy.
  7. This may have been covered before, but I just ordered one of these from amazon. Looks pretty good to me, I'll update once it comes in.
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