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  1. I installed Windows 8 x64 and x32 with hotkey 8.0134 but the same results. Only red, blue and purple. I think its a problem of the hotkey driver or the BIOS.
  2. Yes, it never worked the right way. Btw a fresh installed Windows 7 x64 Ultimate gives same results (hotkey 7.0026). Today I will test Windows 8 x32. Is there P150SM with all colours working? Please let me know your hotkey and BIOS version.
  3. Same model, same problem. I tried hotkey 8.0124 and 8.0134 on BIOS 1.00.06. Then updated to BIOS 1.03.01 with hotkey 8.0134. => Nothing changed. But it seems that the problem is the hotkey driver, because the colours didn't work with and without custom light controller. For all tests I used Windows 8.1 x64. To be sure that it isn't a problem of the Windows version I will test it at the weekend and report my results asap. If there is someone who knows a solution please let me know...
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