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  1. Hey Guys! Will there be a firmware for the 880M posted anytime soon? Any way that I can help? Thanks!
  2. Well, I am a bit of a newbie at this. Last night anytime I raised it over +130/+300 - even bumped voltage to 1.025 - heaven crashed/black screened (ie 135/300) I just know that even for synthetic benches a lot got higher than that. So I am concerned I am doing something wrong - like I am not sure at what point I should start tinkering with voltage. When it was crashing, I was at around 68-70C. I know temperature isn't everything but it just was odd to me that I have seen numbers of like +200/+600 for benching and I can't even do that. Again, I know no two will oc the same - it just seems kind of like a huge margin. That is why I was looking for insight. Also, I was using EVGA Precision. Not sure if that will make much of a difference.
  3. Thanks for your response, Robbo! Yes, you are right on the stock numbers. I want to give it a little nudge for gaming - I have read through a lot of threads of benching but not many really give good insight on what they use for gaming situations in terms of overclock or higher voltage. Perhaps someone can point me at what they run? I know the whole "no 2 chips are the same" thing applies...I just want a realistic goal that CAN be ran for longer periods of time. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  4. I just recently started dabbling again. Can someone tell me what the max "safe" voltage is for 780m (in sli if that matters)? I am having trouble going past +100 and +250. Temperatures are fine, but I get black screen/driver crashes at anything beyond that. Would that be a voltage issue? Currently at stock volts using stock drivers - with SVL7's wonderful bios! Thanks for your help!
  5. Is there any mod at all that can allow the NP9390-S to use a 120hz screen yet?
  6. Time to tinker! I have the [h=1]Sager NP9390-S (Clevo P375SM)[/h] I know this may be a loaded question but, What are the mods Prema's bios brings to this machine? I am unclear of which ones apply to it. I enjoyed Prema's product on another machine - I look forward to trying it on this one!
  7. Thanks Prema! Can you check your PM please?
  8. It appears to be running fine, and I have gassed her out with the ol' can of air - I am going to try reseating with a different thermal paste. I mean, I have only heard of it happening - but maybe I got a bad tube?
  9. Does anyone have a link for the stock 680m Clevo firmware? I need to go back to stock - thanks!
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