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  1. Nevermind my post, turns out you don't need to copy the whole win98_files folder after, all those apps end up loaded in the ram and saturate the thing! Tried it without coping everything and it worked great! Now I have my 7260 working!! Still, one question: Do I need to do the whole nvflash procedure if I don't intend to overclock the GPU (I have the SLI setup)?
  2. Tried a couple of times, I'm always getting this: Using Y510P Core i7 4700 Dual GPU GT750M I was on 3.07 originaly, so I did: -Flashed 3.05 -Created the hacked v305mod.bin -Installed 2.07 stock -Rebooted with USB thumb drive, then I ran bios and I get this (The error when running EC is also there) What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
  3. t1mman

    Windows 8.1

    Win+X is pretty usefull too! I'm running 8.1 since a couple of times, and it's pretty decent! I think the "funnel" in this laptop is realy the HDD, 5400 RPM does blow when you start an app or reboot...
  4. t1mman

    Windows 8.1

    First thing I did is format and reinstall windows froms scratch! I can't stand the load of crapware OE puts on there... 8.1 does have a "start button", it's just to switch to Metro but still, it's more usefull than trying to poke around the down-left corner.
  5. t1mman

    Y510p dvd ultrabay

    If you just want to load the hole, you can buy an empty HDD slot, it'll cost you around 40$ I think
  6. t1mman

    Windows 8.1

    I'm running 8.1 with the Vbios update and everything works pretty nicely! Benchmark are at par (at least) with W8
  7. Have you tried other drivers? I know asus have other versions.
  8. t1mman

    Y510p dvd ultrabay

    There's also a fann and an dummy "available", but I can't find it anywhere! :|
  9. Have you tried different drivers or only the one provided on the Lenovo Support page? Asus seems to have a driver for them, you can try it out
  10. Thanks for all your work! Do you know if there's a hidden option to enable/disable SLI on the ultrabay or it should be plug and play?
  11. t1mman

    Y510p Trackpad

    THanks fo the link! I just got mine and it's realy gets better with fine tunings here and there!
  12. Thanks! Realy usefull! I asume the Y510P is pretty much the same?
  13. Canadian Band, with an awesome "lyric video"
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