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  1. Fixed the issue. Turned out that the drivers I was using didn't work with the brightness controls but they were the latest I could get working from Laptopvideo2go (327.44 Nvidia OEM) . After googling for a way to install 335.xx drivers correctly it started working again. I will update the first post for reference but thanks for the suggestions.
  2. All of the settings are avaiailable in the power options but neither have any effect on the brightness of the screen. The most I get is a slight dim when the power adapter is removed. I have also tried reinstalling OSD but it doesn't appear to have fixed it.
  3. I use a sidewinder x8 but with the reciever broken down and internally wired within the laptop. Best of both worlds, a decent wireless mouse without a massive dongle or wire to carry around.
  4. SOLVED Has there been any sort of confirmed fix for the screen brightness getting stuck after a gpu upgrade? After thinking I had solved 99% of the issues with my m15x I tried changing the brightness level as I thought it might be affecting battery life to find out it didn't do anything. Neither the function keys or the power options help although the osd does show on windows 8 and googling shows a blank for a definite fix. EDIT: Fixed by using updated drivers (331.82). If anyone is struggling to find them see here :- http://leekms.blogspot.co.uk/
  5. I'm not sure how gpu boost works but i don't think ive seen the clock speed exceed 811mhz either. My guess is the gpu doesnt act the same as it would on a laptop it was designed for so gpu boost would never kick in. It seems like your clevo is achieving stated speeds though so I might look into flashing a clevo bios to my 770m.
  6. Don't know if this is the best place to post this but here goes. Will the MSI or Clevo 770m vbios available in this thread be compatible with my own dell 770m (It was pulled from an Alienware 18 i think.) My m15x will clock properly when its first booted but any sleep mode or normal shutdown locks the clocks to around 400 without a full restart. Thanks.
  7. Since ive been browsing these forums for a while trying to fix the onboard sound when my 770m is installed I thought I would share some of the steps I did to finally fix it. After a few days of trying and probably 50 reboots I managed to get both the 770m and IDT onboard sound working at the same time. While I might have been just luck as at first it was very unstable and would yellow screen randomly it appears to have disappeard. Some of these steps were: (Windows 8.1 I don't know if these will differ on 7 and would hate to lose sound again) 1. Disabled audio in bios (A09) and get the 770m fully working. I used the nvidia oem 327.44 drivers from laptopvideo2go. 2. Enable audio in the bios. 3. Restart into safe mode and uninstall the generic High Definiton Audio Codec drivers from device manager. 4. Restart again and enter safe mode to install the latest dell audio drivers. Once this is done you should see the IDT control panel in control panel. 5. Disable all sound cards under Sound, video and game controllers. For good measure also disable high definiton audio controller under system devices. Also go the the volume settings and set windows sounds to no sound. 6. Restart into full windows. You should be able to boot even with audio enabled in the bios now. 7. Go into idt control panel and toggle the power management to enabled (don't know if this did anything but worth a shot. 8. Try enabling the IDT codec in device manager. If you yellow screen, restart and hope you can get into normal windows 8 without yellow screening. 9. If you do manage to finally get the PC to boot with sound enabled in device manager, don't touch the volume tab or anything as it will instantly yellow screen. 10. Get into playback devices by right-clicking the volume icon on the taskbar. From here disable all audio playback devices and recording devices. 11. Your pc should now be stable enough to do some things. Try reinstalling Nvidia drivers again for good measure and when done, Re-enable just Speaker/Headphones in the playback menu and restart. 12. You should hopefully have stable audio output. From what I can work out the issues appear whenever the sound card attempts to play a sound on the PC. It will instantly yellow screen so the trick is to stop the computer making sound until you can disable all other playback devices. This makes me think it could be a incompatibility between newer nvidia hdmi audio output and the original displayport output of the onboard sound card. Hope this helps someone and I might retry the steps with a fresh hard disk to confirm. Now back to figuring out how to get the 770m to clock up properly.
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