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  1. Stupid Question What are the minimums on the USB Thumb Drive?
  2. https://www.dell.com/support/diagnostics/us/en/19/nondiagnostichome?c=us&l=en&s=dhs Here you go mate!
  3. Costa Rica for Alienware support. Every time. Dell extended Warranty Department in India Will mislead you and try get the calls and say there the Alienware Department, 2 months to get my system fixed till I got the real Department in Costa Rica.In 3 Days I had new system.
  4. 1 question windows 8.1 WHY??? This is a AW so I Assume its for gaming, Is there any advantage to windows 8.1 over Windows 7? Not Being a Troll I mean I know for work and Office apps you might need it and in few years 7 will not be supported but would not the easiest Answer be to down grade? There several ways to get the few functions 8.1 has over 7 on 7 so why install windows 8.1 on a AW? What dose it have that 7 dose not other than headaches? Again my question is sincere and Genuine.
  5. I seen the Diamond cause problems with scratching, I Always used Arctic silver 5 Never had a Problem EVER! It's good stuff!
  6. AW can become actually quite cheaper if you or a have a friend with Veterans Discount.
  7. I have used Green Onion screen protector and its a Pain in the butt to install. I ordered it threw Dell when my old system was getting some upgrades.I asked about it the salesperson was Surprised that they had them. But they did not Install it for me! Let me be clear the Dell Guy who sold it said it would be installed for me. Found out they never do that. But My Point is THEY should! If I can Order a Green Onion screen protector from Dell why not have the option on the Configure System Screen were people can see it and Know to order it? And why not install it for US? I for one would been happy to pay extra to have the cursed thing installed in a clean room! P.S.Yes I own cats.And Trying to install it at home and keep the hair of it was H#%$!
  8. What about stability and reliability ? I have experimented with this in the past and found a few problems. Mostly locked files and disk errors.The Problem stopped when I stopped using it. Wondering if it was just me.
  9. may I also suggest Process Tamer ProcessTamer - Mouser - Software - DonationCoder.com It can fix alot of problems and Game booster the older vertions of this program works better the older the better, Download Iobit Game Booster - MajorGeeks The razor vertion wants you logged on and is a bit annoying.
  10. this looks great but I am a little chicken, How stable is?And beyond unlocked is it modded any other way? And last but not least would this invalidate my Dell warranty?
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