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  1. hey guys i downloaded the 80.10.3A.00.81 BIOS for my 780 sc acx and it worked (it shows the new bios in my gpu-z program) but i cant get to the 1.212V that everyone has, i'm still max at 1.2 voltage. anyway to get it up to 1.212?
  2. Logitech G930 has great sound, the mic isnt the best. overall great headset though.
  3. vlps

    Gaming Headset

    im using the logitech g930, its alright but im looking for something new, might get the siberia v2.
  4. vlps

    Gaming Keaboards

    im using the razer blackwidow ultimate stealth 2013 edition. love this thing. think its the only razer keyboard with mx brown keys.
  5. vlps

    Upcoming Games

    titanfall, elder scrolls online, the division, dark souls 2
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