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  1. I used Backup Software for data backup & disaster recovery in Windows Server/Workstation/PC - EaseUS EaseUS Todo Backup free to resize & clone my partitions while installing my SSD. No complaints and I understand it's recommended by a couple of other sources for the price range.
  2. Thank you for clarifying that nicholas0444. I am now even more eager to be able to download and use it, however I still can't access the files despite having 5 posts. Do I need to post somewhere else to get my account improved to a standard user?
  3. Plextor M-5 PRO user here, no complaints - everything runs "like the clappers" as we say here.
  4. Seriously? A major OEM manufacturer didn't choose to support the next major release of an operating system, despite ~6 months of access to preview and RTM, until retail release? With all the issues about common problems customers will encounter and the history of 0-day problems with MS major updates? Sigh... Someone's management needs firing
  5. SLI on a laptop is garbage, at least for nVidia cards. Unless the game has been built from the ground up specifically to target mobile SLI, you will get worse performance in games like Rome 2. If you can afford SLI then build a desktop!
  6. I know it has been said so many times in this thread but if you can afford it then Lenovo Y-series do offer a lot of bang-for-buck. I got $1000 off my Y580 thanks to employee discount on top of a sale at my last job, and while there are better laptops out now I'm really still happy with this one. Unfortunately ideapads in general lag thinkpads so hard for good support from Lenovo. The BIOS problems are detailed elsewhere on techninferno, and the Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 support offered is abysmal with very poor drivers, constant BSODing and no way to control UEFI Secure Boot from stock bios. I am going back to W7 as soon as I can practically afford a break in working to do the reinstall.
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