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  1. I think mine is ok. I tried press sleep button. The fan will still work for couple minutes and then my pc goes to sleep (fan off). check "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Power" see if there is "AwayModeEnabled--value=1" delet it. check powercfg /requests and powercfg /a and see if those are normal check power setting see if those settings are sleep or "hibernate", if that is what you want. or disable bluetooth because even open bluetooth it will still lost data during sleeping. Hope this helps
  2. i got this too, but not a problem I think. It is ok - - - Updated - - - This is the manufacturer one, coming with the laptop I bought. I got it in oct.
  3. Bios 2.07 Y510p intel 7260 working perfectly
  4. What is your driver's version? here is the link to intel about the driver and manage software: Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software — Intel® PROSet/ Wireless Software Downloads support link:Support for the Intel® Wireless-N 7260 Recommendations after upgrading from Windows 7* to Windows 8* or Windows 8.1*: Intel® Wi-Fi Products — Recommendations after upgrading from Windows 7* to Windows 8* or Windows 8.1* hope one of them can help
  5. How stupid I was! Thank you very much for your work, very valueable help and patient. Now I am using the new 7260 and I am looking forward to see your v2.04 2.07 bios unlock mod. Thank you vey much
  6. I have everything in a same folder. - - - Updated - - - I run it in cmd. otherwise, it will flash out, and not able to capture a pic. did I do anything wrong?
  7. I got a " Error 200: Invalid parameter value specified by user. Use -? option to see help. " when trying to use the ftpw64. it just asks "press any key to continue," and after that it returns an error 200. seems only me get this here
  8. jonnyr2008

    Y510p Recovery CD does not work!!

    Thank you for your help. Now I wish I did the clone image. The reason I wanted to order the recovery discs in the very first is I upgrade to win 8.1 and not able to use onekey recovery to downgrade back to win 8. So, I ordered and hoped it can help me out. And they did not charge me on the discs. I guess it might be because my Y510p is a brand new one.
  9. jonnyr2008

    Y510p Recovery CD does not work!!

    Oh, and i just try to install windows by using a win 8 disc, sometimes I will not be able to see the 24 ngff ssd, but I can see it when using recovery disc.
  10. jonnyr2008

    Y510p Recovery CD does not work!!

    I intended to recovery them once for all, so I ordered it. The original is always the best? Just personal feeling.
  11. jonnyr2008

    Y510p Recovery CD does not work!!

    This is the second time I order the recovery cds for the nearly purchased Y510p. As same, when I select MFG recovery, the recovery progress does not recognize the DISC 3 because no matter how many times I try to insert disc 3, the driver just pop up. I also try other 3 cds, and don't work either. The bios has been set as legency. hdd has been replace as ssd and set as compatible. Does anyone have any idea?
  12. sounds like power control, did you try to search the latest driver update?
  13. I think you can, but you need to adjust the setting in bios and the way you format that drive. I tried to do a fresh os installation. In some way, I can see it in drive options before the os installed but not be able to see that partition after a Win8 is done except using the recovery cds. I have not tried to explore. Probably, driver?
  14. I am trying to whitelist my new intel 7260 and, think I have a newer version of y510p bios which is 2.07. I was not sure yesterday, but after double checking in my bios setting today, it is a v2.07. Lenovo does update their bios really quick. Does anyone know this version? I am still waiting for the recovery cds to do a whole new installation. After that I will use svI7's tool to make a backup. Hope he can help me to do the mod. Thanks to him here.
  15. I am new to the forum. I am trying to replace the hdd of my new y510p with a samsung 500g ssd. But, when i change the setting in bios, it seems not possible to change it back. I can not use uefi to boot the laptop (shows"checking media") and the hard drive can not set as achi either; the only way to do the system installaion is set hd as compatible and bios as legacy. Does anyone know how to slove this?

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