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  1. Answer: If you click each of the download links it states what is for. GTX980M-G_8GB_MXM_DM_OC_PM <<< This vBIOS is designed for (CLEVO) MXM DM-systems with G-Sync >>> GTX980M-G_8GB_MXM_ZM_OC_PM <<< This vBIOS is designed for (CLEVO) MXM ZM-systems with G-Sync >>>
  2. [Preface: I searched for about 30 minutes on Tech|Inferno before posting this, no one likes repeatied posts: ] I have a Clevo P370SM3 (now a P370SM) running dual 980m's that were part of an upgrade kit from Eurocom. I am considering using PremaMod's VBIOS mods on this page to take advantage of Prema's GPU improvements for the 980m. On that link on Page 4 are (3) different variants of the 980m GPU. How do I tell which one is the correct one for my 980m GPU's? Nvidia Inspector? If I had to speculate I would assume the GTX980M_8GB_MXM_OC_PM? MAXWELL GTX980M_8GB_MXM_OC_PM GTX980M-G_8GB_MXM_ZM_OC_PM GTX980M-G_8GB_MXM_DM_OC_PM Constructive thoughts or suggestions appreciated. Kind Regards, Koinonos P.S. I went from 12,000 on 3DMark 2011 on 780m SLI to 16,400 on 980m SLI. A nice step up and I think 18,000 is reachable with minor adjustments.
  3. Solution: I installed Prema's P370SM_33_21_PM_v2.rar BIOS and everything works now! My Nvidia 980m's are auto detected and the latest Nvidia driver installs no problem. Just wanted anyone contemplating a 980m GPU upgrade that if you flash your BIOS to the latest Prema version it works seamlessly. Gotta go donate via PayPal, and a *big Thank You* to Prema for all that you do!
  4. If the answer is to install Prema's P370SM bios in the place of the current P370SM3 (3D) version per this link where Prema stated that for 980m's to be native recognized the P370SM3 models have to have their firmware updated to the P370SM BIOS: http://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/8627-clevo-p370sm-980m-eurocom-upgrade-kit-vbios-needed-for-native-driver-installs/#comment-129722 - Should I install the P370SM_33_31_PM_v2.rar, or the P370SM_33_31_Stock.rar? Kind Regards, Koinonos
  5. So I have the dual 780m SLI Sager 9380-S which is the Clevo P370SM3. I just got it back from Sager where they upgraded the BIOS to the latest version for me. I just successfully completed replacing the 780m's with EUROCOM's 980m Clevo P370SM3 upgrade kit. The problem is that the BIOS shows the GPU's as Unknown, and in Windows 10 Pro Neither Eurocom's custom .iNF drivers or Nvidia official drivers will install since Nvidia's setup.exe errors out with "NVIDIA Installer cannot continue - This graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware". Is there where I need to update the Sager motherboard firmware with Prema's P370SM3 or P370 firmware and lose it's NVidia 3D Vision2 ability, but at least the GPU's will be recognized in the BIOS and thus by Windows 10 Pro? Or is this a 980m firmware issue where I need to install Prema's latest VBIOS for the 980m? I am not sure if these are MXM's, both my old 780m's and the new 980m's are on daughter boards that can be plugged and unplugged from the motherboard. System Information: ME FW Version: MB Series: P370SM3 BIOS Version: 1.03.02 LS1 EC Firmware: 1.03.01 VGA Card: Unknown (they are 980m's just installed - upgrade kit from EUROCOM) VBIOS Revision: VIOS Build date: 09/05/14 Any suggestions are appreciated as to my next step. All I can run at this point is the stock Microsoft VGA driver since Nvidia (and the motherboard) don't recognize them. Kind Regards, Koinonos
  6. Thank you Prema for the update, we do have the 3D Models - I assume that EuroCom has the correct vBIOS to send us thanks to your efforts! And thanks to Khenglish as well for the modding your own drivers link.
  7. Myself and my best friend both purchased Sager 9380-S SLI 780m laptops back in 2013 and are seriously considering purchasing the Eurocom CLEVO P370SM 980m SLI upgrade kit. According to PCWorld if you do this Nvidia drivers will no longer natively install on your laptop since NVidia checks hardware sigs. Is there a VBIOS workaround that allow the 980m's to be seen normally? This becomes all the more important once NVidia drivers are hidden into GeForce Experience so that we can no longer install drivers and modify the installs for custom graphic card kits like the Eurocom's. How to upgrade graphics in a laptop | PCWorld No more reference drivers It turns out reference drivers don’t work with the new GPU. Nvidia’s drivers actually check hardware signatures before allowing installs. Drivers, from here on out, can only be obtained from Eurocom. Thoughts or suggestions appreciated, Kind Regards, Koinonos
  8. Hello SVL7, I have 6 posts now - and yet cannot download the 780m VBIOS yet as it says I still do not have permission. Do I need to hit the donation link to be able to download it to fix my 780m Black screen/screen noise issues? If that's the case just let me know and I will gladly chip in $10.00 for your time and efforts! Kind Regards, Koinonos
  9. Is there a recent CPU/GPU overclocking guide for Clevo/Sager laptops? While I have experimented with Intel XTU have gotten a 12.5k 3DMark 2011 bench with 780m SLI stock, seeing 680m SLI hitting 15k+ Custom XTU settings? Custom GPU settings? Voltage mods? Power supply upgrades? Just wondering what a best practice is for someone who wants to try his hand on overclocking a gaming laptop. I see people posting benchmarks, but casual searching I see posts like this - http://forum.techinferno.com/general-notebook-discussions/4372-780m-gtx-overclocking-2.html , but again the results are being discussed but not the steps on how to get there in a FAQ or Step by Step form. I am curious to try and find an overclock setting for the GPU's and CPU that will work with my Sager 9380-S with a default 330w brick. Kind Regards, Koinonos
  10. If you back your VBIOS settings out, does the 120hz option come back? What was your BIOS version before the flash? Mine is 80.04.BD.00.05 (P2053-0001)
  11. I can now get the Blackscreen issue as well even on the NVidia 331.65 drivers. It turns out it was my Coolermaster LapAir keeping me from experiencing this issue. On a lark I decided to run my laptop without it and if I am running a SLI enabled/Stereoscopic 3D disabled/120hz refresh I can get the issue once my GPU's heat up enough. The workaround of SLI enabled/Stereoscopic 3D enabled/120hz refresh or SLI enabled/Stereoscopic 3D disabled/60hz refresh still works for me. Looks like I will be flashing my GPU's with the VBIOS fix after all. Question: Does the VBIOS updates cause any regressions? Like increased BSOD's? Inability to wake from sleep mode? If not then I will probably follow Bud's instructions to create a flash USB drive with an autoexec.bat backout method just in case.
  12. I can reproduce the problem now if I don't use my Coolermaster LapAir cooling pad and have SLI Enabled/Stereoscopic 3D disable/120hz refresh - Once my GPU's reach a certain temperature I can also get the Black screen or the screen tearing. If I run SLI Enabled/Stereoscopic 3D enabled/120hz refresh then I don't get the issue. It looks like this is a VBIOS GPU issue after all.
  13. Sager not even attempting to test it or stress it to see if a driver fixes the issue is pretty unacceptable. Hmm.. Makes me think we should find a vendor site on Tech Inferno or other page where they visit and tell them about this issue.
  14. I have an HP Elitebook 8560w that has the ATI M5950 GPU and stock it only achieves a score of 1,500 in 3DMark 11. Has anyone had any experience overclocking or updating the VBIOS of this GPU? It might be nice to get a little more oomph out of this unit so that when I travel I don't have to bring my Elitebook 8560w (for business) and my Sager 9380-S 780m SLI just to play games on. I can attach a GPU-Z vbios output of the M5950 if that would help offer more guidance. Any suggestions or advice appreciated. Kind Regards, Koinonos
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