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  1. I played a few hours of bf4, and I haven't experienced any issues with the new driver yet. svl7's vbios is still working solidly.
  2. The vbios is still working great, thought i did encounter a random driver crash(not sure if it's caused by the vbios; my driver version is 331.40). I played bf3 with 3d -vision enabled for 2 hours and everything worked perfectly, no flickers or blackscreens. I'll hold off on the driver update for now just in case it messes with the custom vbios.
  3. That sounds pretty interesting. I'll wait for for confirmation from people who haven't flashed yet
  4. I remember I used to have your problem when playing bf3. Flashing the vbios fixed it for me, so you can give it a shot.
  5. Sorry, I've been pretty busy today, so I haven't been able to test the cards as much as I wanted to. I did manage to squeeze in a few benchmarks(3dmark 11 and valley), a little bit of tomb raider, company of heroes 2, Rome II (No SLI profile yet, sigh), and an hour of dota 2. All were ran in fullscreen and no flickers appeared. I occasionally switched back and forth between the game and desktop, and I still can't see any flickers. FPS were what I expected them to be (nearly identical to the new Alienware m18's benchmarks posted here), and the temps were fine, maxed at 82C and 80C. I'll try to play more games whenever I can. But for now the vbios is working great! Edit: Playing some dead space 3 in fullscreen right now, and again, no flickers! Edit 2: Temps got pretty high in dead space 3, around 90 for both cards (without turbo fans. Still, I used to get these temps anyway, so I don't think it's caused by the vbios
  6. Flashed to the vbios made by svl7, played bf3 for 10 mins, and I haven't seen flickers at all (they usually appear as soon as I play a game in fullscreen mode). So yes. the OC vbios seems to solve the problem completely.
  7. Just flashed both cards to, but flicker still do occur in fullscreen (tested in battlefield 3 and tomb raider). I'll try svl7's vbios mod and see if it solves the issue
  8. Thanks BudMarLeY. I was just about to try it, but damn, my bios version is actually 1.00.01LS1. Where can I find a update for the bios (no luck at sager's support page)?
  9. Played a few rounds in Beta, and have to say i'm impressed. The gameplay and framerates felt very smooth for a Beta. The map they released is pretty awesome, with tons of routes and verticality. But I still hate battlelog.
  10. I have a logitech 930. It's a pretty solid wireless headset across the board, as stated by previous posters. But if the weight of the headset is a concern for you, don't get it. It is impossible for me to use this headset for an extended amount of time without feeling neck sore.
  11. I have a logitech g15 for my desktop, and I've never used its marco keys or the lcd screen. But as soon as I have to live with a notebook keyboard, I realized how much I loved my g15 lol.
  12. I occasionally like to play in windowed mode, but I'd hate to be forced to play in windowed for every game. Also, you can't play in 3D in windowed mode. Pretty sure this forum works the same as NBR (i.e. you can't pm until you have enough posts). Anyway, getting five posts is the least I can do if flashing vbios actually works.
  13. I have the same problems with my np9380-s. The only way to "fix" it, without flashing the vbios, is to play games in windowed mode. Switching drivers cannot solve the problem, but playing on a single card can. I'll try to get up to 5 posts and give the vbios a shot.
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