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  1. Used hyper x myself for no other reason to say I it though I may sure I don't use it. I'm glad I never came across the white screen on my clevos Sent from my C6906 using Tapatalk
  2. I've got a pair of astro a50s and run them through a xonar u3. Gives some pretty good gaming audio. Never use them for music though. I was really hoping someone would have got the 980 to run in a r2. Even then I can still play what I what on this thing which really haven't been much lately . Thought i haven't tried gtav. I'm more concerned about witcher 3 when it comes out. It's sad but I don't think there will be a laptop like this again
  3. I will have to get around to giving this a try. Been meaning to find something I can so to tinker with these old beast. A guy over at notebook review just modded a m18 heatsink for his 7970. Might have to give that a try too. At this point I've spent to much time blood and tears on this thing not the try
  4. I'd try opening it up and making sure the cable is in properly I had that issue before resitting the cable
  5. I've tried different driver just don't feel like reinstalling windows. Don't have the patience to do it right now. Cards run great.... A little hot. I'll do a repast soon. Can run bf3 nicely. Just a conflict with 3dmark. Thanks for the input though
  6. hey Nospheratu, i have it disabled. Im running windows 7 64 bit. It also BSOD halfway through running cloud gate.
  7. Hey guys I've finally got a modded 330vertical And am running in Cf. I reflowed my first card that was giving me weird vertical lines. It fixed the problem, hopefully more then just temporary. I can game and run 3d mark 11 no problem getting scores around 10000. But I get a bsod running 3dmark. Do you guys think it's my reflowed card struggling or a driver issue. I'm currently uSing the latest beta ccc. Any ideas would be great. Don't want to buy another card if I don't have to as I have clevo cards which are hard to find and the prices have been jacked
  8. Hey I appreciate it. No that vbois didnt work. Its good to know about their policy. I actually sent a email off to them today asking what there policy is. Its a piss off though as I thought I had a good understanding off what I was doing for the hardware which. software not so much. Oh well. Thanks again.
  9. another negative, dont know what other vbios to try. what do you think the chances of eurocom repairing my card if i bricked it. cant see them replacing it
  10. When I go to flash it I get a said mismatched error. Old 0270 new is 0551. Do I force flash it?
  11. So I have now Flashed with the normal and forced stock and 0.975 vbois with no luck. After installing the new beta drivers I get hung up at windows every time. I have a message into alien hack for his vbios. Any other Ideas. P's. I totally appreciate all your time and am going to have to buy you a beer
  12. How would I get that to work. Right now it will just give me the vga adapter info as the only way I have been able to load into Windows with that card is without the drivers installed
  13. gives me bios version config file BR042817.008 which is your stoke vBios right?
  14. If I have both cards installed i cannot get pass windows start screen. If I switch it to the primary slot the comp starts but the screen stays black.
  15. Thanks, so I got my second card yesterday and was having problems with it idling at 99% for some reason ulps 0003kept turning on. Fixed that then it blacked screened in 3dmark11. After that it wouldn't load past windows load screen. It was suggested I switch it to primary to see if it would run and it won't. I have your undervolted 0.975 on it. Oh it's a Clevo card direct from Eurocom. Any ideas? If also asked over at notebookreview but thought I'd try here too
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