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  1. I installed the above new version but still having trouble with the sleep function, same old where it tries to go sleep, keyboard lights goes out, then came back on with a black screen, if I hit a key or move the mouse screen will be on right away to ask for login prompt. I'm still running win 8 not 8.1 is that a factor?
  2. Hai, I'm aware the y510p has a weak battery, I'm not expecting full performance but I'm still in disbelieve that it would limit the GPU clock way down to 135MHz in battery mode. (when I plug in the power supply, the core clock jumps from 135 MHz to 1058, and the memory clock jumps from 405 to 2499 MHz) I also tested with just 1 GPU and getting same results. Also tried: - adjusted the Lenovo Power Management Software (Ver. Select Performance mode. (mentioned in a few other forums)- adjusted Maximum Processor State to 99% (In battery mode, turbo boost will not be activated so stays at 2.4ghz) Any of other Y510p owners getting same issues? is there any workaround? or just the fact you can't do any gaming in battery mode?
  3. ^ Couldn't agree more! Thx again! Enjoy the beer!
  4. Update: I've successfully unlock the Y510P BIOS thx to svl7 http://forum.techinferno.com/lenovo-ibm/4668-lenovo-y410p-y510p-unlocked-bios-wlan-whitelist-mod-vbios-mod.html 2230 out 7260 in! Enjoying 5Ghz and wifi being stable. Only set back is the "Sleep" function not working properly as many others are experiencing. melegbalint: You might have to bite the bullet and change your card out.
  5. I took out the ultrabay 750M card and indeed the system switch automatically, however, when I game is using the Intel card and not the single 750M, trying to find the options to set it.
  6. Incase changing out the wireless card is not your 1st option, you can try the following as well message (94), been hearing good things about updating the driver on the 2230. http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/IdeaPad-Y-U-V-Z-and-P-series/New-y510p-with-a-wifi-problem/td-p/1163533/page/10
  7. Hello, Anyone know the trick with the GPU fan control? I"m looking for ways to control the FAN speed but not having luck yet, I tried MSI afterburner and EVGA Precision but the options are not avil. I know it can run faster as I can hear it when I run the "Dust Removal" program. Do I need to unlock the BIOS?
  8. Surprisingly my M11x R1 is still running but the screen hinge is hurting even after the Dell Global replacement. I'm gonna attempt this fix and see if it works. Fixing the M11x weak hinge creaking/cracking problem. Screen opened!
  9. Got my 7260 HMW today, I tried changing out the card without hacking the Bios just to see and yup error "unauthorized wireless network card is plugged in" confirmed.... I'll have to start the unlock Bios process... update after
  10. Just as FYI: Intel actually has USB, PCI express and M2 versions of the 7260 and some single band N, some double band N, with/without bluetooth. Make sure you get the right one!
  11. I just pull the trigger on the AC 7260 @ amazon.ca, better wifi? yes please.....
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