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  1. Cooler master is great! cheap option and its extremely popular however, i highly recommend the zalman, its a little bit more expensive but its got a great build quality aluminum surface Amazon.com: Zalman NC1000-B Laptop Cooling Pad with Pure Aluminum Panel (NC1000-: Computers & Accessories
  2. laptop cooler for sure if its overheating that fast.... also your surface has to be solid like glass wood, never put it on like cloth? ( i do when i'm in bed ) it overheats like crazy laptop cooler i recommend cooler master or zalman
  3. I have a clevo p15x and its working like a charm, cheap and absolutely amazing. There are specific websites you can go on where they sell the entire bundle for like 1500 pounds ( which i think its great) bundle includes gtx780m graphics card 16gb ram, 2 tb hard drive, and i think it was a 256 gb ssd, working absolutely amazing and im playing battlefield 3/4beta on ultra graphics with really high fps and no lag
  4. depends on what youre looking for! there are specific mice for specific gaming types for fps i'd recommend rat 7 for its precision aim, steelseries sensei or the zowie evo2 mmo wow , league of legeneds=, razer naga for suree ( i think they just updated it actually) starcraft 2 and rts gaming anything will do really but if you look at the razer website they should give you specific types. keep in mind that not all mice suit everybody depending on your type of grip!
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