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  1. Thanks mw86 - yes mine is 18 July - so far the M18x is doing very well - biggest issue is random reboots - suspect it is Firefox as it happens once a week that when starting firefox it crashes - installed Opera now and testing it - so far no crashes.

  2. Hey your Birthday is 1 day after mine lol if it was 7/18... hope your enjoying that M18x!

  3. Thank you for putting up the links. So far with most people the OSD application is 100% stable, although some people is still finding minor instability with it, but at least there is huge improvement.
  4. Always glad to help and return the favor
  5. There is a new update on the Dell driver page that fixes the Aero crashing after running games or WEI - thanks to Mr Fox that posted it on NBR
  6. Yup the tearing is gone for good ! only aero bug remains, but it is really no big deal as long as I can play games without any issues I'm happy
  7. Also please note that the bios did not fix my aero crashing as I first thought - running WEI crashed it on the first run - will have to wait for update On Screen Display files though.
  8. Ok it appears that my gpu bios is older then some others: Standard version: BIOS date/time: 12/14/10, 17:33: BIOS version string: 113-C29604-101 AtomBios version: ATOMBIOSBK-ATI VER013. My version: BIOS date/time: 12/13/10,14:49: BIOS version string: 113-C29604-101 AtomBios version: ATOMBIOSBK-ATI VER013. If anyone is interested in the "older version" and in my case stabler - see attached. 6970bios.zip
  9. In the mean time I will keep on testing for both tearing and stable aero issue - the installation is still the same with newest Dell driver, only gpu bios was upgraded - would not mind sharing this bios update for the 6790, but so not know how to "download" it from my current gpu and how safe it is.
  10. Hey Nospheratu - just checked again on Dell downloads page, but only mainboard bios there for M18X. Do not want to be hasty, but it seems like it fixed the aero crashing as well - been testing games now for the last 3 hours continuously and windows aero is still up and running - need to verify this with more and longer testing - never knows when murphy is walking around messing with us... The tearing is gone for sure
  11. Good news finally ! Did not need to send away my laptop - Dell did a remote log in and updated the gpu bios.......... - problem solved ! They also advised strongly against using AMD drivers (was not using them anyway) and the best method according to them to uninstalling the 6970 drivers is to directly remove it from device manager. The laptop was stress tested by all the previous games + furmark for the whole morning and did not even once gave the black line again - very pleased that it was not needed to send it away for repairs Thanks again for helping me through this.
  12. I gave in my laptop to the supplier and Dell might send a new gpu - will probably get feedback by tomorrow
  13. Yeah lots of people from overseas and even South Africa come here and then they sometimes likes Namibia so much that they want to move here permanently - small population (2+ million), but we have decent size malls and plenty of open space
  14. Thanks Jimbo, don't know what you see as awesome in Namibia ,but Aussie is great place as well - been to Brisbane a couple of years back.
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