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  1. empok, have you enabled "Prefer Maximum Performance" in nvidia control panel? And have you tried using EVGA PrecisionX or other overclocking software to set a high (eg. 94*C) temparature target?
  2. Wow, so random. The person who made that program made some really bizarre UI choices. Cool, thanks.EDIT: By the way, my Firestrike score is now 14061 (stock bios: 13830). And the Metro Last Light benchmark went from [44.54 average fps, 2.42 min] to [47.44 average fps, 8.53 min]. And so far, Metro LL seems smoother too, which is even more important. So glad to be rid of Boost!
  3. Thanks. Yes I do. Though, to clarify: the other 2 monitors aren't part of a Surround setup. They're strictly for Windows, and aren't plugged into either of my Titans, but are plugged into the iGPU of my motherboard. I assume that doesn't make a difference? Where can I find that power saving option? I can't see it anywhere in Nvidia Inspector
  4. Great work. Being rid of Boost 2.0 makes me realise just how much I hated it. It sucked never getting the full potential of FPS at the start of a game because the card hadn't warmed up into boost mode yet. It sucked even more seeing the MHz plummet the moment the card reached 80 degrees, no matter what the temperature or power target I set. I love my Titans now. For the record, my Fire Strike went from 13830 to 13982. I probably could have squeezed more out of it, but I'm not going for record benches but for a stable gaming setup.After I've had the chance to test in a few games, I'll most likely donate to show my gratitude. Though I've noticed that with this vbios, my cards only go down to 875mhz and 1.150v in idle (they should go to ~350mhz right?). I don't have Corsair Link, and I turned off all the other running software I had (except EVGA PrecisionX, which I used to monitor the card), and that didn't make any difference: cards still idling at 875mhz and 1.150v. Any idea why?
  5. Bigger the better. It's generally useful to have all of your programs (and their data, caches, etc.) on an SSD, as that will not only speed up the programs, but also general searching etc. Also, don't forget that everything that you install and winds up in the Program Files folder will default to that SSD, so it will fill up a bit. Also, SSDs I believe are faster if they have some empty space. I like to have an SSD that is big enough for the OS and everything that will go on Program files (currently, that's a 128GB with only 16GB free). Then I have a separate SSD for select games (ones that need to load fast because they stream a lot of textures, or have lots of loading areas, or where I die a lot).
  6. Wow, that is impressive. I used to use Windowblinds years ago, but I don't remember it being anywhere this powerful. Must give it a try. My desktop is very minimal. I have 3 monitors, and I use Display Fusion to randomly cycle my wallpapers (a different wallpaper on each monitor), which are all screenshots from games. It's kind of a hobby-within-a-hobby: When I play games, I'm also constantly on the lookout for a great 'photo op' to add to the wallpaper rotation. Apart from the wallpapers, I have little else on the desktop (I use hotkeys, macros, and Win-key searching to get to most things)
  7. Really digging guitar jazz at the moment: Pat Metheny, John Scofield, Jarek Smietana, Mike Stern.
  8. Um, I think the last movie I saw was the Life of Pi at the cinema. I guess it was over a year ago. I really need to see more movies!
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