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  1. Are you using modified drivers? You need the modified .inf files for it to work or the installer won't find your system in the .inf file.
  2. Long story short my original 780m died a few weeks ago and so I bought a 980m from Woodzstack and installed it as per all the instructions. Everything seemed OK for the first half day but now I am experiencing a weird overheating problem the left hand side of the board when accessing the GPU. At first I thought it was a WiFi card issue but even with that removed that part of the laptop turns into a volcano. The metal parts of the HDMI port and USB ports are so hot you can't touch them, they will burn you..... This is cop pasted from another forum so it might have the same info from above. I upgraded the card and it seemed to run ok for the first day or so but now I can't run basically anything GPU intensive without cooking that side of the laptop. The laptop get so hot the wireless card kicks out and I am basically afraid to use it for gaming at this point for fear of cooking it. The CPU and GPU temps are all within norms and freshly pasted. CPU is at 71 and GPU is at 65 while playing ARK and the left side of the palm rest is to hot to comfortable touch, let along touching any of the metal on any of the ports. It is mildly warm but not unpleasant right up until I launch a game and then it goes into thermo nuclear mode so somehow heat is being transferred seemingly from the GPU through the board or to that spot in particular. I am at a loss as to how heat is being generated and pushed that THAT spot in particular. I removed the WiFi card and it makes no difference aside from I can stay connected because I am using the Ethernet port and the WiFi isn't tripping due to heat.Any ideas or guesses would be appreciated...I have nothing. I have already tore down the system completely and can come up with nothing, nor can I find anything with google that comes close to this. Thanks in advance. UPDATE:I am thinking it is either the motherboard or the DC power jack at this point...there is really nothing left that can cause this other then those two. The top left corner down to about the HDMI port are what heat up directly on the board which of course heat up the components that touch those spots. I have a new power jack on order but I am hesitant to pull the trigger on a new board because A: I don't really trust refurb boards B: The only new one on Ebay can only be returned if there is something wrong with it. I should note that this seems to only happen when connected to DC power, so one of two things seems to be happening. Either the DC jack is not working properly and it is causing heat generation, or the board is not receiving/pulling power properly and I am getting heat generation but either way it isn't good. The laptop is working for the time being, as long as I don't push it with super demanding stuff it does not get stupidly hot but I can't imagine this is good for it.
  3. The new Alienware 17 R4 will see the 1080 cards on November 18th.
  4. Did you ever get an answer on this? Even if it does work what GPU are you running? The R1 was either 780m or 880m unless you upgraded to 980m and I wouldn't want to be trying to push games at 4k on any of those cards TBH.
  5. Honestly I feel like they just didn't want people upgrading any more. They see us creating walkthrough's and helping people upgrade their laptops to get more life out of them, including people with R3's and even earlier and I think someone finally went why are we letting people do this. If we lock down the systems then people have to buy new systems more often bringing in more revenue. What they apparently didn't factor in is a lot of people bought Alienware BECAUSE we could do these things, and locking them down has only forced people to look elsewhere so it will be interesting to see in the long run how this affects the sales numbers. Will this actually create more system sales or will it actually hurt them due to the amount of people who packed their bags and went to another brand. I have yet to come across a forum were the majority of Alienware owners past of present have been like "Gee thanks Alienware! I didn't want to upgrade anyways, and I sure as hell never used that second HDD bay, or the 3D screen , or the DVD Drive....etc."
  6. They would just invent some more reasons why laptops shouldn't overclock due to poor cooling that they read about 10 years ago and does not really hold true any more. They still don't believe laptops can be gaming machines period. Honestly at this point if they have proven anything to us it is that they will do anything that they feel they need to in order to stop us from OCing or at least phase it out in the long run. Thanks!
  7. Haha .... good luck with that one. I am pretty sure I checked my order status every day at least a few times a day hoping to see that magical "Your item has shipped" text. Finally when it did they shipped it Purolator ground and I had to wait another 5 days to get it Talk about torture.
  8. I think most people try to get rid of Optimus , as I never run on battery I just use my swicthable graphics and disable it heh.
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