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  1. Sorry. Here are the files for the Lenovo Twist. BiosBackup.zip Thank you FLASHGEN.zip
  2. I am looking to have this Lenovo Twist 4377-4HU modified to remove the whitelist. EFI Bios Original bios at http://download.lenovo.com/pccbbs/mobiles/gduj12us.exe Let me know if you need anything else Please
  3. My thought is that the heat sink needs to be cleaned. If you are willing to disassemble your laptop. Sometimes its right underneath a panel, and sometimes you have to take apart the laptop almost all the way. Also while you clean the heatsink you can put new heat sink compound on it. I use arctic silver 5 and it does a really good job at keeping temps down.
  4. The website Tomshardware.com does some articles on Best CPU for the money. They also do video cards and other good articles.
  5. I believe its a Displaylink USB monitor. You can try to update your video card drivers. (both for the video card and USB Monitor) Sometimes the ones from the CD are old and don't work properly.
  6. When you use the prr2.exe are there any commands that you need to put with it? or just run it?
  7. Does anybody know if this will work on the Lenovo Twist? I believe it has version 7 chipset. In order for me to download the files i need 5 posts. So any help would be greatly appreciated. :-)
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