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  1. I have flashed the BIOS for the GTX 680m in my M15x, but now I can't figure out the next step. I know I need to do a mod for the driver but I can't figure out exactly what I need to do. Anyone know how to make the GTX 680m run? Here is what my GPUZ looks like
  2. What do you mean? As in I don't need that $40 xbracket that I ordered?
  3. It needs to be legalized. All the government has to do is legalize, regulate, tax, and then profit.
  4. Hi everyone. I was directed here to get some info on upgrading my video card in my M15X. Looks like a great place to search!
  5. My GTX 680m just arrived in the mail yesterday. Today, my thermal paste and 240 watt powersupply arrived. The X bracket is supposed to be here today, but has not shown up yet
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