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  1. Yes, throttlestop is for processors as far I know. I dont think it does much good anyway if you have a locked bios/processor.
  2. I dont know about this personally but some guys have mentioned how they got a 770m and 670m working with it. I am not sure about this and would PM them for help before buying anything.
  3. Your gpu OC doesnt seem to be that high. Just lower the bclk like khenglish said.
  4. I doubt that it is due to the psu as I have gone above 1.075V on the default one without any probs except heat. Msi afterburner shows your temps on the side, check if it goes above 90C
  5. You overclocked too much and it crashed. Try lower clocks or increase voltage if that is possible.
  6. Can you explain why an 8gb card will overclock worse than a 4gb one? I think you are right about the memory, I dont know any game which uses above 2.5gb vram on a single 1080p screen and I really doubt whether these things are powerful enough for 4k. Unless you count modded skyrim.
  7. Which processor does your laptop have? If its a locked processor and you are not using a custom bios, I dont think you could have messed up anything with intel xtu.
  8. Just open CMD from start menu as admin and use this command for nvflash: ​http://i.imgur.com/WfUvDZl.png
  9. Like this: http://i.imgur.com/9uAfyKB.png Try opening GPU-z if it still cant detect your nvidia card
  10. I dont know about the processor but the 680m and 7970m are somewhat equal in games while overclocked. Some games perform better on ati and some on nvidia but the 680m gets better scores in benchmarks. I would recommend getting the cheaper card.
  11. It seems to cool reasonably well in msi gt70s but the gt60 could be a whole other story.
  12. You managed to run a 570m at 1600mhz core clock?
  13. cresterk

    Wifi signal

    Move closer to the router ?
  14. Wut? How do you download a motherboard?
  15. cresterk

    Gpu usage lag..

    Its ok. Good luck friend.
  16. I wish they had kept it like that. Too many games only recognize my intel hd4000 instead of my dedicated gpu. Even worse is when they prevent you from accessing certain graphics options because they think you have an igpu.
  17. It uses the integrated hd gpu by default. To disable the nvidia gpu, go to nvidia control panel and go to manage 3d settings, select global settings and change preferred graphics processor from auto select to integrated graphics. Editing bios is not needed.
  18. cresterk

    Gpu usage lag..

    If these games were working properly before, try defragmenting your hdd. What about when you are not overclocking? Is it ok then?
  19. cresterk

    Gpu usage lag..

    Does it always occur at a given point? Perhaps it is because the game is loading, I had this problem in bioshock infinite where it would freeze for about 1 sec while I went from one area to another. Putting the game on ssd fixed it for me.
  20. cresterk

    Gpu usage lag..

    Yeah, those are pretty low temps. Is your gpu overclocked? What are you using while this occurs?
  21. There is a very small difference between 675mx and 680m. Get a modded vbios and overclock, you can hit 1000mhz core on default voltage.
  22. cresterk

    Gpu usage lag..

    Can you give us a bit more info? It might be due to high temperatures causing the gpu to throttle.
  23. You guys seem to be using low core clocks. On the default voltage (1.012) I can hit 1008 mhz core without problems along with 1200mhz memory. My card is less powerful than yours (675mx)
  24. A bit more info about what gnikolaides said: 1. You can use rivatuner to limit fps to 58 or 59 (just 1 fps below max) 2. rivatuner does not work on 64bit bit version of bf4 or any 64 bit app. So make sure to use 32 bit. 3. There is no core parking in windows 8 or 8.1, only earlier versions of windows have it. Does anyone know about a program like rivatuner for 64bit apps?
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