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  1. Perhaps he is reporting the frequency shown in msi afterburner? The stock memory frequency for 680m shown in msi afterburner is 1800mhz.
  2. I only limit fps to 59 when the ingame vsync seems to be faulty. In most games with problematic vsync that causes stuttering, vsync+59fps cap gives me somewhat acceptable smoothness along with no screen tearing.
  3. Use ungine heaven or 3dmark. Furrmark creates unnecessary stress on your gpu and can damage it if used for long.
  4. Quick note: Don't use furrmark/kombuster. It creates unnecessary strain on your gpu and can permanently damage it. Use 3dmark or unigine Heaven instead for stress testing.
  5. But now that you are here, perhaps you could help these guys?
  6. The other guy sent me a friend request. I just replied back to the thread he posted in without checking bios or vbios >_< My bad.
  7. Guys, please post your vbios here if you are asking for someone to mod them.
  8. I keep my pagefile on my hdd instead of my ssd since it eats up too much space on my little 128gb sandisk. I would not recommend disabling it completely because some programs go nuts without it.
  9. I always keep turbo boost on while running ridiculously high OCs for hours. Mine still works properly so I suppose that it doesn't hurt it.
  10. Really? I have been resigned to setting it up a bit for a while now:52_002:
  11. The 880m is pretty much a 780m overclocked to its limits. I would wait for Svl7 or Klem to finish experimenting with it, they are much more experienced than me and they seem to be having trouble with it. Btw, hows the 1762 coping with the heat of an 880m? I have a 1762 as well and I was thinking of getting a 780m/880m.
  12. I wish they had included what exactly the beta EC changed. All I got from him was that it allowed better use of power by the cpu/gpu.
  13. I don't know exactly why. Angerthosenear had extreme throttling issues on his 650m when he hit 67C on his m14x. Mine throttles back to stock clocks when I hit 89C.
  14. I was talking about the msi vbios. Clevo doesn't have a turbo button and therefore hitting it doesn't do anything at all. On msi, your voltage would increase from 1.000V - 0.950V to 1.037V - 1.012V depending on whether your temperature is above or below 67C when you hit the turbo button. If you flash svl7's modified msi vbios, the only thing the turbo button would do, is make your clocks stay at max at all times. However, changing your clocks using nvidia inspector/ msi afterburner will make the turbo button useless in svl7's vbios.
  15. It is because with turbo off, it runs at 0.950V and with turbo on, it runs at 1.012V. - - - Updated - - - Ello svl7, can you pls unlock my core clock limit /s :snicker:
  16. Nope, never heard of it. http://i.imgur.com/IXjP5RA.jpg
  17. Are you sure you flashed it properly? Boost should be disabled and you should have a +540 limit.
  18. If you are using just a single 1080p monitor, you wont ever be using more than 2gb. Not even skyrim with mods used that much VRAM for me. Besides, lower memory overclocks better.
  19. Let me know if this works as intended: 760Medit.zip
  20. They are all same other than different voltages and perhaps different power tables. Like svl7 said, all the clocks are at default.
  21. Greetings Khenglish. I decided to try my luck with BCLK but unfortunately my quest came to an abrupt halt due to a broken link. Can you please upload a mirror for : https://www.dropbox.com/s/spmvxmz9pal1j6l/ME_Port.com ?
  22. Nothing much for now. Like the other user said, wait till the Maestro Svl7 mods and releases the 880m vbios. I think you can overclock your cpu turbo a bit using intel XTU.
  23. You are correct. The last value is the thermal shutdown value and will immediately turn off your laptop when it hits that temp. I recommend keeping it above 90C because your gpu generally starts throttling around the 87-89C mark and will reduce temps on its own.
  24. Nah, I was thinking about suoah's 8970m. I assumed amd laptop cards ran hot as hell just like the desktop r9 290xs.
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