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  1. Congrats mate. May your frames be high and your temps be low.
  2. This is for the AHCI ivy bridge 0ND and ONC, right?
  3. MS1762 comes default with an ivy bridge processor. Is this a retail gt70 with the cpu changed or is this a barebone device which came default with the 2670qm?
  4. Yes, it probably won't even recognize the card on the old bios.
  5. You shouldn't have a problem. Dual 780ms are way over kill for 1080p 60fps.
  6. It sounds like the fan is hitting something, probably the fan wire. Send it in for replacement if you still have warranty or open it up youself.
  7. Just use this for keyboard shenanigans. I tried it on my gt70 :
  8. If it has a turbo button, turn it on.
  9. gt70 0nd here. I assume that you got the laptop with windows 8 installed? Flash the new windows 8 bios (50X or 70X) in legacy mode with secure boot turned off.
  10. No budget specified, so a fully decked out m18.
  11. They can keep their filthy exclusives. Our exclusives are better. http://i.imgur.com/wAOMPBb.png
  12. Thats nowhere near the 880m. I don't think the 770m can be overclocked to hit default 880m scores at all in 3dmark, especially not on stock voltage.
  13. No idea why the turbo button doesn't work for you. Anyway, it looks like your problem is solved. Good luck.
  14. Are you sure that you have the retail version of gt70 from msi? Or do you have a barebones version? Mine works properly:
  15. GX60 has a weak amd processor paired with a 7970m/ 8970m.
  16. The problem with the GX60 is that MSI paired a high end gpu with one of the most abysmal laptop cpus that had the misfortune of simply existing. The weak cpu will give you a lot of trouble in even medium cpu intensive games like bf4. Even lowering the graphic settings will not help much since it is not the gpu which is struggling, oh no, the 8970m has plenty of power. All that lowering the settings is going to do is make lighten your gpu load. Your cpu will still be strangling itself at 100%.
  17. Hey, I have an msi gt70 with the 675mx too. Now, this model doesn't seem to be much popular for some reason and its pretty hard to find guides, faq etc for it online so I got most of my info through experimentation. But the core clock being stuck at 653Mhz is because you have not activated your turbo button. Just click the button on top called "Turbo" and it will light up orange. This will force your core clock to stay at 666mhz and also increases your voltage to 1.012V. If you have OCed through afterburner, then this will make it run at whatever core you set. If, touching the turbo button does nothing, make sure MSI's "VGA overclock tool" is running. If you flash svl7's vbios, along with the other changes, it will also behave like turbo button is always on. Activating/deactivating the turbo button or VGA overclock tool does nothing and therefore I have it uninstalled.
  18. The only hard thing about that game is keeping it at 60fps. I felt that it was easier than the previous games. If you get into a fight with a large group of enemies with a few enemies taking potshots at you, if you manage to time your blocks right, you can cut up the entire group. One of the reasons I hate the AC series is the effortless ways you can kill an entire group of enemies in a game that is supposed to be about assassins.
  19. And then there is me, who lives in a desert and has never seen snow in his life. So you could say I'm pretty fucking jelly.
  20. Woah there, it isn't a spaceship. It has only 2 fans.
  21. Cod ghosts uses a lot more than 2gb for me on 1080p without even maxing it out. Its a very unoptimized port
  22. Watchdogs runs like shit on everything, especially on amd hardware. However, my laptop is similar to yours (gt70, 16gb 1600mhz, 4gb 675mx) and while I do get frequent fps drops while driving and overall bad performance, I never had the game crash on me.
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