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  1. MSI sperate Win7 and win8 bios for some reason Sometimes on win7 based notebook they put some hardware, but on Win8 based they put other hardware that why they lock it On my GT60 0nc based on win7 bios I try to install win8 bios... after many try I sucefully reach my goal but the keyboard didn't work after so i came back to win7 bios after with an external keyboard
  2. Hi, I have the same problem with some games like "Need for speed : The Run", yesterday, I have added 4gb (I'm now with 8gb) to my computer and it's the same so I think Microsoft don't have made a real compatibility between w7 and w8
  3. For mysef, Asus for motherboard, G.Skill for RAM, Nvidia for graphic, cooler Master for cpu cooler, OCZ for ssd, and LianLi case
  4. You have two way to you're flash : 1 - Edit the flash.bat of the bios and delete "/X" 2 - Edit the BIOS file and change ROMID But I think that if there is 2 separete BIOS for the two computer, it's because they don't have the same Hardware, so I think that you will brick your computer if you do this.
  5. Hi, I recently buy a GT60-0NC with Intel Core i5-3230M and Geforce GTX670MX so when I will be able to download your BIOS I will get it a full unlock it Also if you need tester There is no problem for me
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