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  1. I flashed the system bios acerV.rom using FPT 9.5 tool (which was hard to find actually as the first one i tried didnt let me backup or flash, it said "Error 201: [FPTw64.exe] cannot be run on the current platform.", but anyway the one i am attaching worked just fine under windows 8) The FPT tool automatically backs up the bios ones u start the .exe file so no need to manually backup, anyway for backup just use the "-d" instead of "-f" command. You need to use this command in cmd under 64 bit windows as admin for flashing. (remember to browse the folder where it was extracted, probably (c:\BACK)) fpt64 -f acerV.rom -BIOS I confirm many many new settings in bios the (most exiting one is the cpu overclocking page ofc ), so let the google hunting begin FPT_BACKUP_95.zip
  2. Can't agree any more , its been an year for me. Going for the flash right away. Post results of the stable clocked card later. Do you guys think i can mod a dell xps1730 240W charger for the Acer ?
  3. i can confirm that i have flashed it because when i change the clocks in the bios file, after the flash GPU-Z shows the clocks i have changed. i also use this command -nvflash -4 -5 -6 *.rom Tried flashing with dos nvflash and windows, doesnt matter. Maybe it's a driver's issue too, idk. Do you know of anyone who didnt go above 135mhz after flashing modded bios ?
  4. I flashed it, but still cant figure out how to overcome the 135mhz. Nvidia inspector slider is still at 135 max. Tried to overclock via the bat file commands for nvinspector - still nothing. Tried to change vbios settings with Kepler Bios Tweaker - no help. Maybe it's something related to the acer bios too, not just the vbios. Anyway thank you, if you have any ideas please share them. Regards,
  5. @cresterk - Do you use the kepler bios tweaker for unlocking ?
  6. I have only flashed the vbios from the y510, but although, where i downloaded it from it stated that it's unlcoked, i still couldnt go above the 135mhz limit. Can you unlock my original 760m vbios ? If it does matter my laptop is the v3-772g, i5 4200m, 760m gtx GDDR5 Thanks in advance. 760M.zip
  7. Yes its from the y510 but it doesnt matter as the video cards are pretty much the same (excluding mby some timings' differences but who cares ). Anyway i still havent found a way to overclock. Its getting really boring. I hope thats not the future where nobody can overclock. P.S. heard that some of the newest nvidia drivers disables 135mhz limit, anyone ?
  8. Hi, i've got pretty much the same Acer, still searching the net for a modded bios since i got it last year. I bumped into a modded "765m" bios (i think from the y510), flashed it and still no go past the 135mhz. Does "unlocked vbios" means that you can overclock only with some "special" drivers, or via bat files and nvidia inspector or you can go any overclocking program ? Anyway hope somebody advanced sees this thread. gl dumitrumitu.
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