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  1. Hello! First, I want to thank you svl7 for unlocked BIOS. OC graphic card helped me with many games : ) I have a question. I need to change display in my Y580 and I heard, that in BIOS maybe is a whitelist to these. Is any possibility to clear/delete this? I readed about brightness control problem. Y580 - Upgrade 1366x768 to 1920x1080 (B156HW01 V4) - Dual channel 40-pin cable? | Page 4 | NotebookReview If you cant help me with these, maybe you can anserw in other question. If my new screen will not be in whitelist and I will have only 2-3 steps brightness control app like this will be work to dimming? Dimmer - Small and free screen brightness reduction utility for LCD/TFT/LED monitors
  2. I wish I can. No, I didnt backup original BIOS. The tool didnt work on my laptop. I have Win8 64bit and 2,07 BIOS.
  3. How to back to factory BIOS?
  4. Whats the diffrent between BIOS 2.07 and 8.00? I have 2.07 and Win8 64bit. It make PC slower or somethink bad like this? Now I am confused. When I tried to use 2.07 version I can see Error: "The version of rom file isnt newer than version of bios." I checked, I have got 2.07 BIOS version. But I tried aslo do a copy of bios, from 8.0x tutorial I got Error: "Error 200: Invalid parameter value specified by user. Use -? option to see help." So, what I should do?
  5. Anydude have drivers to Roccat Kone+ to Win8 64bit? I use drivers for Win7, but I cant for example turn off the lights.
  6. puszcza

    Lenovo Y500 $979

    You have great prieces in USA. In Europei bought Y580 in i5-3230, 8gb RAM and ofcourse GTX660M for about 820% witb Bioshock Infinite, Farcry Blood Dragon and Sniper 2. I wish live with PC`s costs lik this Y500.
  7. Thanks for topic and good tutorial. I will make this BIOS "unlock" on my Y580 only when I will get acsess to files
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