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  1. svl7, great bios update! Can the 1.212v limit be increased with a bios mod? I know about the AB and LLC softmod, but I was wondering if something like that can be achieved with a specifically crafted bios mod.
  2. Cool, thanks! What about the downsampling versions? What specific change did you make for downsampling? Is it just higher default clocks or did you find other "under the hood" tweaks?
  3. Thank you svl7! What's the difference in freq. and voltage between reg. and acx?
  4. Just registered to say thank you svl7! After trying several vbios from other places, this is the only one where I have full control of the OC. I just wanted to also let you know that Asus recently released an updated VBIOS ( for their Titan that according to the change log, "Enhance compatibility with some 4K2K monitors". Would it be possible to have v4 based on that updated version?
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