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  1. I may have uncovered a bug... I installed my shiny new 7260 (it's been awesome so far!) but now my computer won't sleep with either closing the lid or hitting the sleep button. When I hit the sleep button, it looks like it goes to sleep for like half a second (keyboard back light goes off and the power button blinks once) but it immediately turns back on after that.
  2. I would love an answer to this too. Games are almost unplayable with the power unplugged. I don't remember where I saw this but I read somewhere that when it's unplugged it still uses the 750m, but super under clocked and you'd be better off using the hd 4600. Either way, I'd love to have manual control over it
  3. HomeLite

    Y500 WiFi Card

    If you're going to be upgrading, you might as well invest in some AC stuff because better performance and it's already out and just a matter of time before N becomes obsolete
  4. HomeLite

    y510p ram upgrade and bios mod

    It really depends on what you are doing... gaming, I would go for lower latency. Something like video editing, go for higher capacity. In all honesty, I think 8gb is more than enough
  5. HomeLite

    Windows 8 and the Y500 -Your opinions please folks!

    I actually really like windows 8. Once you get used to all of the shortcuts and what not, it's pretty decent. That being said, I boot straight into the regular desktop
  6. HomeLite

    Y580 2 Questions - Battery / Graphic

    I would def send it in if it's covered
  7. HomeLite

    Lenovo Y510p Possible to ugrade Graphic Cards?

    Are there any external graphics card solutions?
  8. HomeLite

    Install mac os x on your y500 hackintosh

    Thanks liteon6x! @theagent Yes there are a few programs that you simply can't get for PC. For example, I work in theatre and I have yet to find a better cue playback/show control program than Qlab, which is a Mac-only program
  9. HomeLite

    Y410p USB 3 port randomly dropping USB 2 devices

    That's strange... Just out of curiosity what what device is dropping out? Could it be the other end of the cable?

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