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  1. As ai said, just tell me is there any difference between the Alienware version and a normal Win8? I don't want to waste your time
  2. Is there any big differences between this and normal Win8? Cause i downloaded something what supposed to be WIN8 Alienware edition but it look like a normal WIN8 to me...
  3. As You've probably seen on the forum before i had some problems with my M18x, so after some trying Dell changed it for me. Now I have Alienware 18 with 2x GTX 780m~~ Everything is super cool but there's one small problem. By accident I lost my recovery partition and I am looking for a Alienware Win 8 ISO to download as Dell refuses to grant me access for that. If anybody could help in any way i'd be soo happy and greatful! Peace!
  4. Okay there boys! Good news! We just changed the MOBO and my M18x is working again! I am so happy So white screen was a result of broken MOBO - but now everything fixed. I think You could change the topic and add "Fixed" and maybe close the thread? Thanks!
  5. I just set the video so You can watch it. Today I got my new GPU but as we expected it didn't fix anything. BIOS now recognize both cards, but white screen is still appearing. Technician called some dell guys and they came up with changing the MOBO again. Obviously when we changed it the first time, the bad GPU had to destroy it while it was burning. So tommorow morning we start again xd
  6. Another update. I took the second GPU out aswel. Working only on Intel HD but still getting white screen even on usb linux. I've got no idea what it could be. Any ideas? Here's the video how exactly it looks: http://youtu.be/uBJZQe5hywg
  7. Small update! I moved my GPU. To the primary slot but i still get the white screen. No matter what I am trying to run. Even usb linux get a white screen. I'll take this card out also and then try just with the integrated one.
  8. Hey, thanks for Your reply. Yes I am under the warranty but technician with new GPU is comming on Monday and I am totally bored (I am in Denmark atm and got nothing else to do). So what he did is he just took out the fried one and left the other one in because as he said he mustn't move the other one (cause it is illegal in some way) but I can do it myself - the next problem is I didn't take any of my screwdrivers with me so I can't really do it myself That's why I am asking for some other way to force the system to start on Intel HD ;s
  9. Hi! As topic says one of my gtx580m burned (literally flashed and smoked when we tested it with dell technician) so now I am without the primary card. Even though the secondary 580m is still in my bios doesn't see any card besides Intel Sandy Bridge which is obviously integrated IntelHD. Now when i tried to run my system, windows loads, but I can't get to the desktop cause all I get is a white screen. It's the same on safe mode and even when I tried to run Linux from the USB. Is there any option to change integrated graphics as my primary without getting on windows for fn+f7? It's white screen all the time... Any ideas? Thanks, Tycjan.
  10. I just found a serious problem with my M18x. When ever i turn the SLI on and start to play for eg. Battlefield 4 (so it starts to use boths cards) my power brick just turns off! So it seems like by GPU(2) has some fault or whatever, that turns the brick off. Anyone knows what might be wrong? @EDIT Just the same thing happened - without SLI ON! So or my power brick could be broken or the GPU(1). Could it be because of some power problems at the house? Or it's definitely hardware problem? Any ideas?
  11. I made a small Video fo You guys - recorded with a phone so You can see it's really me and my AW ;p BF4 Closed Beta on ULTRA Got only around 30-40fps but it's okay ;p
  12. Exactly the same? Hell no - It look similiar, but there are some main details that make the game looks great! All the smoke an fire effects, blowing up buildings, sun going through the trees, etc. AMAZING
  13. Well it's been couple of days now, and I'm even playing Battlefield 4 Closed beta on ULTRA SETTING - with HWiNFO NO THROTTLING AT ALL! Need to say i'm really happy with that! BF4 on ULTRA (all maxed) gives me only around 30-35 FPS? Hard to say actually. But it doesn't freeze or anything like that. Works just fiiine! One more question - is single gtx 780m stronger than dual SLI gtx 580m's?
  14. Well just played the whole round in Battlefield 3 (around 20 min) on default settings - which are not high, without HWiNFO and noticed no throttling. So Tha'ts pretty good. Now I'll try using HWiNFO, and GeForce Experience optimized settings which are high/ultra and check if throttling appears..
  15. Yes i did update my drivers. And As I thought 4gigs of graphics and stuff I have can handle at least CS:GO on maxed settings - but it works terrible. Anyway - I have to re-download Battlefield 3 and then i'll tell You how my GPU works. Is there any way to change the fan control for cards so we won't have to use HWiNFO? Why is it done so bad that these fans are just not enough.
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