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  1. yes for me also the power taget was also a problem and the custom Bios is Realy nice and solved my Problems And now some benches from today and i guess they aren´t bad. Directupload.net - 93p6ysik.png Yes the Bios should fit but im not the expert for that.
  2. My exactly ASIC value is 79.3% on a EVGA SC ACX i hope it helps
  3. Awww i dont get 1300Mhz but 1280mhz benchstable and [email protected],212mv 3 hours Bf3 Stable is also good Thank you very much for this great work and yes i think this Thread is still active,
  4. I have modded some of the textures for the shops around liberty city and some new roads also including some new cars and the iCEnhancer. And it makes realy much fun to play
  5. I would also chose blower types. Because i got 580 directCU II and they worked very well together and my temps are more than okay.
  6. EVGA is the best brand for hardware stuff at all. And i love it to build my own rig by myself so custom builds are my favorites.
  7. I use it in some of my games. An example is Dead Space 3 when vsync is off and my frames go to high i have some problemes with stutering but when vsync is on everything is fine. Thats wired but okay
  8. I got 1250Mhz on my standard EVGA bios @1,187 mv very lucky with that but i want to get hopefully 1300Mhz with the modified bios.
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