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  1. Hi Prema, Thanks again for your P6XXSG bios, it's working great on my P650SG. I'm just curious about this TOLUD value in the memory setting in the bios. What does it do? I read a bit and it has something to do with eGPU? It defaults at 1GB, should I change it to dynamic or higher value? Does it affect overclocking the memory? I have 3x8GB GSkills Ripjaws Thanks
  2. Hi all, My current laptop is NP8652 running 16GB memory. I am aware that I shouldn't mix and match memory but I only manage to get an additional 8GB ram on discount. So I am using the stock samsung memory 1600Mhz/CL11 and mixing it with Ripjaws memory 1600Mhz/CL9. I got these memory reading from CPU-Z and I dont understand. So at what frequency and CL both of my memory running at? It looks like 1600 Mhz/ CL9? but the stock memory doesn't support that @_@ How risky is this setup?
  3. That's nice! Well guess I could remove the DVD but it's a bit dusty here so probably not the best idea for me. I want to repaste and did some research on it. But some said if overheating is not a problem and you are not confident, better keep it that way Well I guess it's a great improvement already. Btw as expected, the battery life drop a bit but I guess that's not a bad tradeoff
  4. Holy smokes, that's some crazy OC. What kind of temp you are getting? I assume you repaste and use cooler? I went to 1.125V (1290 core /2850 mem) and got 3267 graphic score compared to 3742 of yours. That setup reach a peak temp of 85 C already.. I just posted my result on NBR yesterday and looks like our ASIC quality is somewhat similar.
  5. Ah, that's fine. I unplug the battery and 95% of the time it stays on my desk anyway Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  6. Hi, thank you very much for your work. I used the 1.125V bios update and it worked well. I just have a question. Does overvolting using bios in this thread disable NVIDIA Optimus? My GPU apparently always active now at 1.125 V. It's not really a big deal but I'm just curious Thanks.
  7. I know used Y580 is being sold ard +-600. It has GTX 660m which can be overclocked up to around same level of 485m. My 660m reached around 3180 graphic score (3Dmark11). It has 50watt TDP compared to 100 watt of 485M '
  8. Hm.. I thought the story are great and the combat is fun. Then again, I'm easy to pleased Can't wait for Liz gameplay, I love stealth gameplay style.
  9. I've been following their development progress for months and finally they're ready for release on March 31st 2014. Loved AoW 1, 2 and SM so I can't wait for this. Trying to spread the news now news | Age of Wonders III Gallery | Age of Wonders III
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