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  1. FPS games = no Third-person (Assassin's Creed) games = yes Personally I still play third-person games like Shadow of Mordor / WatchDogs with a mouse. I refuse to become a console controller noob
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    +1 A new take on games like LFD or TF2. The graphics look sweet. But not sure about the random nature of the groupings. Can you choose your four friends to play with?
  3. For a casual and all-out-fun game, BF4 with friends is awesome. If you want something a tad more serious and have patience, ARMA3 can be very rewarding. I love Wasteland on A3. I played it on Stratis during the BETA and still go back to that map. King of the Hill is also fun but can rape the FPS of any serious rig. BF4 - as of writing this - is a beast of a game. The latest patch has brought some really cool ideas from CTE. The frustration has been that it has taken 12+ months to get there. And now they want to shove Hardline down our throats - which is simply a reskin of BF4 - no thanks! With other disasters, like SimCity, I have fallen out of love with EA. I have small regard for DICE now also. Saying all of this, SRAW'ing an annoying Little Bird from half way across the map is still fun! And finally, BC2 > BF3 > BF4. I loved the Gustav!
  4. Are people still playing BF3? I found the best method of stopping stuttering were 1. Create a user.cfg file for the renderdevice.forcerenderaheadlimit 1 2. Use MSI AB to limit frames to a value just below your screen's refresh rate Also, you may wish to see this thread http://theblackduck.net/araven/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=42
  5. When I had a 144Hz monitor, I would limit mine to 120-132fps. Not sure why but I never hit 144Hz at 2560x1440 even with SLI 980s, so 120 felt better. I also tried TriFire once with 6990+6970 combo and it was awful in BF3. I had to use loads of BF3 tricks to solve microstuttering I'll never go back to 60Hz with FPS games
  6. I guess even 16GB is becoming easily used these days. But not sure the average gamer needs to run a RAMDisk. I tried it once with ARMA3 when it first came out and it didn't result in anymore than 2fps difference. I doubt it would make any real difference for other AAA titles beyond load times, and even those can be made sweet with a decent SSD. Just my 2 cents
  7. Sorry if you've already answered, but why did you choose the 4 core 5820k X99 build over a 4 core 4790k Z97 build? I recently had an X99 system and chose the 6-core 5930k because I just felt that I had to. Not sure what the more expensive 5820k+X99mobo gives you over a 4970k+Z97? Intel Core i7 5820K vs 4790K Don't get me wrong, your build looks amazing. I am just curious. happy to be schooled
  8. Sorry if this has been said but I'd like to come back of the 120Hz monitor. I am about to buy a Clevo P377SM-A with two 980Ms. But I'll have to buy an external 144Hz monitor for games like BF4. I think - and I say think loosely - they used to offer 120Hz in-built monitors. Maybe I am unaware of issues that arose
  9. The 880M was known to have massive throttling problems. There are loads of threads outside of this forum where people are trying everything - including selling the kitchen sink - to try to solve it. I'd send it back and ask for a 980M which doesn't have the same problems
  10. ^This DDR4 isn't as popular as needed currently because only X99 uses it and most gamers won't pay $4k for a gaming system. The lowest priced decent DDR4 is $300ish but the CPU and Mobo is upwards of $800 I'd recommend second hand from someone you can trust
  11. IIRC there are no retail IPS units available that run 144Hz. But as mentioned, you can import one from Catleap. But I'd google 'catleap 27" overclocking' problems before you do. I recently had the ASUS ROG SWIFT 2560x1440 144Hz monitor and it owns. Yes, it is TN, but you can mess around with ICC profiles to make it work well. Before this, I had a BENQ 27" TN 144Hz monitor and a DELL U2713HM 27" IPS 60Hz side by side. I swapped between them: IPS for slow games like Shadow of Mordor and the BENQ for BF4 etc
  12. Hi all I have been reading this forum for a while. I have had many desktops in the past but am now thinking a powerful laptop due to my travel commitments
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