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  1. I've been having problems for the last 9 months with it and my resolution is to restart. ( I have a SSD so only a few seconds ) But my school just upgraded all their wireless to the state of the art nice stuff 5GHz but this thing only has 2.4 and its iffy so i bought a Intel 622ANXHMW Centrino Advanced-N + Wimax 6250 on ebay for like $10 when i found out that Lenovo y580 had a whitelist. So when im approved to download the files im gona give the mod Bios a go. Thanks to slv7.
  2. i actually use the y580 but i installed windows 8 on it to give it a try and at first i was not a fan of it but once i started getting used to the start menu and small things here and there like that it isn't too bad. I'm actually starting to like the app menu now cause its easy to just swipe my mouse pad and if i know where it is at i can just click on it. I recommend it but it take a while to get used to it. I still prefer XP personally but if i could have speed and clean look of windows 8 and 7 on XP it would be perfect. especially when they got rid of IPX But widows 8 is really good with game compatibility. I've played a good share in the last 9 months i have had it like this and have yet to run into a compatibility problem with all my new and super old games (AoE1-3, Starcraft 1 & 2, Diablo 2 & 3, Guild Wars, etc. )
  3. Hey if i use this y580 Bios mod so i can get rid of the white list would that void my warrenty? thanks
  4. Also, like you said it can be other people using frequencies that are crossing over yours so that would also do the trick. And have you installed anything that can emit electrical waves int he area between the two locations? (Microwave, etc.) And i agree with nerogoth. Other people could be sucking that bandwidth up. make sure your connection is secure. (i'd change the password maybe) and if you have kids and a lot of tech stuff make sure they're not streaming games and movies or downloading all the time.
  5. Hallo my name is sam. I love how everyone is registering to unlock their bios. I am too. Lenovo Y580. But this is the best place cause nice forum with a lot of good info that i've been reading. and it has modded bios for a lot of computer. NICE!
  6. Always been a halo person but never super into it. But i thought it had it was cheese but my wife liked it. She said it was the most entertainment from it she got lol.
  7. Nice Idea. That ought to liven the train rides. The Dean of my school changed the SSID for the whole campus to the name of the president of the School. That was commented on when everyone came back from summer break.
  8. Man of Steel was really good. Pacific Rim has really good music with the intense action but not much story line personally. Iron man 3 was cool. never would have seen the ending coming. I'm looking to see 2 Guns.
  9. Oh and i forgot I also enjoy a good Dungeon Siege the new one (3) is really different then 1 and 2.... i like it but it depends on the person.
  10. If you get real bored you can go back in time with the Age of Empires 1 and 2. I played those recently and man age 1 on hard is actually really hard. either i got worse (probably) or strategy games now a days are getting easier.
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